Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here are some photos of the second batch of solar dyeing. Sadly, I've run out of yarn/fiber, so there will be no more dyeing until after Salt Spring.

I used two packets of lemon-lime, one of ice blue and one of cherry kool-aid.

Although the colours are not as vibrant as the first batch, I think it will spin up as a very nice yarn indeed. I'm just uncertain as to what to do with the first batch. There really isn't enough for a pair of socks, as there is only 50g. There is however, a full 100g of the second batch, so those are destined to be socks (if I can finally spin sock-yarn).

(the two batches next to each other for comparison)

It's a hot one again today. Far too hot for me. I think I'll go find a dark place in a corner somewhere and melt until the weather becomes more reasonable. The only good thing about having to go to work through all this is that it helps take my mind off of how hot it is.

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