Sunday, July 15, 2007


Kauni one: Bird zero

I have finally received my Kauni yarn yesterday and I'll tell you now, it's beautiful, albeit, quite different from what I expected.

To start with, the people at the KauniKAL are right, it is a little bit scratchy. But no matter, I like wool that feels like wool. Besides, as a cardigan, it's not going to be right next to my skin.

The colours are wonderful. I ordered EF which is muted green, purple, dark blue, light blue (in the order). It's exactly what I wanted and perfect match for the rest of my wardrobe.

The yarn is much thinner than I expected. Yes, I knew that we are going to be knitting at a gage far smaller than I've ever knit a sweater before. But I didn't realize (and this is important when it comes to winding the skeins by hand) that when you have thinner yarn, you have longer yarn! Longer yarn takes much longer to wind by hand than shorter yarn.

I put the skein on the swift and with my trusty nostepinne, began to wind.

I kept winding and the ball got bigger.

And it got even bigger.

Until I had two monster balls of yarn (they would never have fit on a ball winder anyway - I'm glad I didn't fork out $60 for one) and one little ball of yarn which I made to displace the colour repeats.

Lastly, I learnt, as per Danielle's comment on thirty-five, the yarn is thicker and thinner in different spots. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference while you are knitting. It has been a while since I knit with two colours, so my tension to begin with took a few rounds to adjust, but even with that, I still had problems.

Yarn one, dedicated to the knit stitches in the ribbing, was considerably thinner than yarn two (purl sts). So, I knit an inch of two colour ribbing with the knit stitches receding into the background and the purl sts standing out as lumpy ridges. Not what I wanted. I've frogged it out already. This time I'll start again, but with the knit sts in yarn two and the purls in the thinner of the two yarns. Hopefully, problem solved.

It doesn't bode especially well if by the end of day one, I've already frogged it. Here's hoping that things will go better from here.


Barbara said...

I'm getting your colors next time...those would be perfect for me. I'm interested in how you use the "in between" yarn to offset your colors. I ended up with the first 4-5 inches being all orange and yellow and red (not my colors!)and am trusting the colors work out, otherwise I will have to frog. Guess I should have looked into the ins and outs of how you arrange the colors when you begin. Anyhoo...see you on the KAL!

Danielle said...

Thanks for the nice compliment :-) I have to say I'm lovin' how my colors are going so far too, but I did spit splice in the red after all. So it's not been with out some extra effort on my part. Oh guess what, I'm so relieved: I got an email from garnbutik where I ordered the kauni from and she's apologized for my bad skein and said she didn't even receive my first email. The best part is she's gonna send me a new skein!!! YEAH :-) I'll have enough to finish my sweater for sure.

Btw, I had the same thing with the corrugated ribbing looking like the purl was dominating. I think it's just the way the yarn is, or how you carry the yarn depending on which color you choose to be dominent. Example: either you choose ball one or ball two to carry on top. I think if you carry the knit stitches on top that would make them dominent? I don't know. Besides, you've probably figured this out by now--LOL :-)

Holly said...

the purls seem to dominate in my ribbing as well. Not because of the ribbing, just because that yarn is a dark red and the knit is a light grey.

Red framed by grey? Why not?

As far as the colours lining up against each other I am also working with long colour repeats, just takes a bit more effort, especially since they are not all the same length.

How about a picture of your progress?