Tuesday, July 10, 2007

thirty-three point one

Just a few notes on the previous post:

  • I used around 50g of wool roving and three packets of Kool-aid (cherry, ice blue, and orange). The colours came out quite strong and it fit in my small pot nicely.
  • For my second dye attempt, I used 100g of wool roving and four packs of kool-aid. The colours were not quite as strong as the wool did not fit comfortably in the pot. The colour came out in spirits with areas of white still in the wool. I think that from now on I'll only do 50g at a time in this pot, unless I am aiming for patches of white.
  • I would love to do more with this hot, sunny weather, but I've run out of wool :(. Oh well. I really want to make a batch of mostly cherry with a touch of ice blue - they would be socks. Perhaps there will be more sunny days soon.
  • It is amazing how little effort this took. I threw it together in less than 15 min (I pre-soaked the yarn while making coffee) and just put it out on the deck to do it's thing. Come home after work and it's all ready for me to wash and dry.
  • oh yes, the tinfoil under the pot is to help insulate it from heat loss into the ground/deck. I don't know if it works much, but it makes me feel better about the whole thing and that's what really counts.

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