Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sunday morning I woke with a start, I had over slept my alarm. Checking the time, I realized that I still had an hour before we had to leave, not a lot of time, but enough to drink some coffee and relax a little before my father and I picked up Y and headed out on a road trip.

We decided to drive north. Partly because we thought we might make it to Coombs, but mostly because it's the only direction one can comfortably go for any considerable distance from Victoria without taking a boat or a plane.

The weather cooperated perfectly, wherever we drove, the sky was sunny and warm, but all around us, a Constable sky kept us entertained. We stopped at all the lookouts on the Malahat, just like real tourists.

Once we entered the Cowichan valley, we followed a sign to a Sunday Market. I thought it was going to be a farmer's market, but it was something like a flee market, only better. There were all sorts of different sorts of people and different sorts of goods. Lots of books, hand made items (including some preserves - I would have bought some but I have far too many at home already), and plenty of gardening tools. I bought a crocheted pot scrubber. Outside, there was tractors. My father loves tractors, and I'm quite fond of them myself (especially really old ones), so we had to go have a good look at them.

There is Y doing a little dance. I just love going on road-trips with her.

Finally we arrived at Whipple-tree Junction. I'm curious, how many of you know what a Whipple-tree is without using the aid of Google or other inter-web based searches? Leave a comment, let me know. Be honest. I didn't know what it was before Sunday, but it isn't at all what I expected. I thought it was a kind of knot.

There are a lot of shops closed down at Whipple-tree. I haven't been there for about 10 years, but I remember more shops. The ones that are there now, however, are more than enough for our purposes. There are antique shops, curio shops, furniture shops, a very yummy (albeit, far too busy) restaurant, and there was this sign:

I saw it from a distance. Actually my father pointed it out to me. I was worried that the sign was some sort of antique remnant from the buildings past incarnation. But when I got closer, there was yarn. So much yarn! And there was fiber. Bags and bags of fiber, just overflowing with hand dyed, ready to spin (considerably cheaper than my LYS) divine fiber braids. It was wonderful. It was overwhelming. And as usual, when there are large amounts of yarn or fiber (or both) gathered in one place, I forget to take photographs. Sorry folks. You will just have to go there. It's huge, and it's not huge. There is lots of space, but it's all taken up with yarn so that you have to delicately squeeze past the other shoppers to get from one place to another.

I bought most of my Christmas gifts - although they have to be spun not just knitted (each year this holiday thing gets more and more complex). But they are top-secret, so no photos of these either.

We ate lunch under this buffalo head. It is really big. I don't think that I would like to meet one of these guys late one night on a dark, empty street.

We stopped by Gold Stream park on the way to Y's home where she cooked us a fabulous dinner of Japanese food and duck (yummy, yummy duck).

It was a fantastic day out. Of course, we didn't make it to Coombs, but I don't mind. Perhaps we can make it there another time.


~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like a fun busy day.

My husband is working on an old tractor. Since our son will be 3 at the beginning of the year he is wanting to get him involded as well. We have been to quite a few tractor shows this year and there is another coming up at the end of September.

So were are the pictures of your purchases? I need to drool over them. :)

TinkingBell said...

What a great day - I so wish I could have gone to - maybe nect time I'm in BC (like, in 4 years) I could do that too - I really want to visit the Yarn shop