Wednesday, August 22, 2007


There is something in the world softer than silk, and it's name is Bamboo.

My fibers arrived from Wooldancer yesterday. I ordered a small sample of Soy Silk and Bamboo fibers ofcourse,

and this marvelous roving:

The fiber is hand dyed and made from Bamboo, Tencel and Ingeo (I think that's from corn). I want to spin this to knit a scarf for winter. Problem is, I haven't a clue how best to do this. I was thinking of knitting either Branching Out or Palette, but I don't know how to spin this fiber to get the best colour pattern, or even if I have enough for an entire scarf (I have 82 grams). I suppose I could add the Bamboo and or Soy Silk (25g each) to the mix to make up the difference. But if I did that, how do I make certain it is colourful enough? Not only that, I don't want the scarf to be too thick or heavy. Any thoughts?

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Micky said...

Thanks! I am sure it will be fun as long as I can get through it.