Monday, August 13, 2007


For a Canadian, my french is pretty poor. I can pretty much read the back of a cereal box or shampoo bottle, but this skill has developed, not out of any noble desire to understand another language, but rather it has developed out of pure laziness - it takes a lot of effort to turn the cereal box around to the other side (aka. the one with the English written on it).

For those of you not from 'The Great White North', all things sold (in the English speaking parts at least) must have both English and French text on them, one side is English, the other French. Which I think is fantastic. Not only does it make us feel more inclusive, but it also gives grocery shopping an international feel.

Even so, I have never learnt French. I speak some Japanese and quite a bit of Spanish, but no French. Yes, we are forced to learn the other official language in school, and that's probably why I never learnt it (I'm not a big fan of our education system in general, but that's a rant for another day).

Now I wish I payed attention in French class - or I should say, I wish I had attended French class. I've found this most amazing blog (Un Fil A La Patte). I think I can muddle through what she says, perhaps my French is better than I though. But what is most important is her WONDERFUL Kauni! I'm completely dazzled with how nice it is. Not to mention, that she has done the steeks the same way that I plan to, and it's worked!

Also, for info on steeks, have a look at See Eunny Knit!

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Miss Scarlett said...

Wow! A maple leaf Kauni? I didn't know about those.
Yikes - those steeks look incredible. But I really would be scared when the time came to cut my knitting.

I know, I know. Both of my High Schools only offered French so...guess what my language elective was until I could drop it. I really wanted Latin, but would have settle for Russian, German or Chinese (mandarin). But French? I had zero interest as a teen.

But as someone who has traveled in Quebec and thought they could get by with 4 years of mandatory French...let's just say it is a good thing some Canadians are truly bilingual or I would have had a pretty bad trip.

You can absorb a lot by reading packaging -- but I hate when they put the French sticker over top of the nutritional information!