Monday, August 06, 2007


A farmer friend of mine has offered to let me shear two sheep and keep the fleece from them. He acquires a couple of runts each spring and lets them mow his lawn until the fall when (well, you know where lamb roast comes from don't you?). He usually sends them to the butcher as is, but this year I mentioned how much I like that fluffy stuff that sheep make.

So, my questions are:

  1. how do you shear a sheep?

  2. is anyone reading in Victoria, BC or the CRD region who would like to teach me to shear a sheep? Preferably from the 4H, I hear good things about those guys.

  3. what am I going to do with all that fleece? I've already got an entire one on the go.

I suppose this is a skill I will have to learn eventually. The teach you at Olds for $25, but that's miles away and only at certain times of year.

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I'm also getting excited about Ravelry. I want to see what a simple lace sock would look like in a multi colour striping yarn. Would the colours be totally dominating or would it work?


Joanna said... could send some of that wonderful fluffy stuff my way. I'll gladly take it off your hands.

Miss Scarlett said...

I might buy your fleece....

That is going to be quite a learning situation. Shearing the sheep yourself! How exciting is that.

You'll be on Ravelry before you know it - from what I have read, invitations are going out at a fast and furious pace.

How will you find out about the lace socks? Is there a new feature there that lets you preview pattern results? Is there even such a thing? If not - someone should develop one.