Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm beginning to worry about my postilion (letter-carrier or mailman). The scruffy old fellow (who(m?) I secretly suspect of being a knitter due to the numerous copies of Interweave Knits that fail to make it to my mail-box) seems to have vanished into the either. It's a shame, as apart from knitting related post, the majority of our mail (like bills and such) have finally begun to make it into our box. Yes, I know we live down town and there must certainly be many homes with similar numbers. Yes, I suppose a 3 looks like an 8, I can even accept that a 5 can be mistaken for either 3 or 8. 0's and 1's must look identical, and 6's and 2, well one can hardly tell them apart, I'm sure. But, for the most part, after nine months, we have finally got our scruffy fellow trained up and delivering our mail to, well if not our particular box, at least to the correct building.

This week, we seem to have acquired a new, and apparently invisible (either that or he/she slinks in and out of our building so very quickly - almost as if he/she knows that as soon as one of us sees her/him we will be on him/her like stink on a skunk showing her the difference between 7 and 4) postilion who fails to understand that when we leave misdirected post at the place labeled "misdirected post for post-office, mail-carrier please take with you" spot set up by the post office, that well... the sign applies to the mail-carrier.

With any luck, this is only a temporary set back. Perhaps our regular postilion has taken some vacation time and will be back soon. Knowing the unions around here, that scruffy, yarn coveting, post-man will be back from vacation some time next July. Until then I just have to wait, learn to live with only receiving post twice a week, and hope to any gods out there that my lovely Etsy purchases will make it to me safe and sound.

In the mean time, here is a glance of what's making me so antsy for proper postal delivery:

From Wooldancer Yarn Designs. Ain't they beautiful? This seller has been a real treat to deal with. The multi colour one has lots of different fibers in it, including bamboo, tincel and corn fiber. I have no idea how to spin these fibers, but I look forward to learning.

Check out the link, there are the most divine hand-spun yarns and even this really cool coillar thing (I can't describe it, but you'll know it when you see it).

I'm also still waiting for my Kauni buttons. But they were only shipped on the first from the Far East (Ontario) so they should be along soonish. Believe it or not, mail deliver within Canada can take longer than mail from overseas. I miss British Post and their next day delivery promise.

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Miss Scarlett said...

Ah the Union vacation -- well any union than the one we belong to in Childcare - lately our Managers/Directors have been taking month long holidays after many, many 2 week holidays throughout the busiest times of the year ---- but, I digress.

I love your fibre selections! Simply beautiful. I am sure your postperson will get those to you as soon as they can.

It is remarkable how long it can take to ship domestically isn't it? Bizarre really.

amylin said...

Wow, beautiful. Have you received the fibre yet? I really understand you're anxious to get it.