Wednesday, August 01, 2007


In one evening, I spun and plied a sock's worth of yarn (I hope). 50g of my kool kolour solar dyed wool became 50g of kool kolour solar dyed yarn. It's amazing!

I have yet to wind it into a skein, but after struggling with a bad bobbin (Anyone know where I can get new bobbins for an Ashford Traditional wheel? And maybe a flyer assembly that has bigger bobbins for plying?) I thought it was enough for one night.

Speaking about spinning, I carded my first rollag from my new fleece (it's rather golden colour when washed, so I'll call it my Golden Fleece or GF for short) with my new handcarders. Now you may think with a wheel, I would completely neglect my drop spindle, but I don't. I like it best for trying new fibers. Spinning with a drop spindle is slower, but it is also FAR less stressful than spinning with a wheel. Don't get me wrong, wheel is great ... ... ... when everything goes well. When I'm trying something new, nothing beats my drop spindle.

The rollag kept getting caught in the yarn, so I made my first wrist distaff out of some hand spun I had lying around. I don't think I'll ever spin without one again. It makes the world so much easier.

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Y- said...

How cool is that! Great photo of me. Thanks for dinner.