Friday, September 14, 2007


I want to thank everyone who has stopped by my blog and left comments. I love receiving comments. It is wonderful to see what other people think about my blog. The thing I love most about the Internet is that there are so many people and so much knowledge out there. Sometimes I feel that I must have been infinity stupider in that time before the Internet became what it is today. It is also a rather frightening thought, that I'm probably the last age group to remember what life was like before the Internet arrived in it's current incarnation.

I wanted to remind you about the site KnitFree. Actually, I wanted to remind myself about it, too. I love this site, but being the absent minded philosophy student that I am, I forgot until she came by and left a comment. (See how important comments are?) KnitFree is all about free knitting patterns, so if you like that sort of thing, click the link.

I'm taking advantage of the Indian summer (I believe this term refers to the really hot summer like weather they have in India and is not a derogatory reference to First Nations - If anyone wants to correct me, go for it. Just make certain you can cite your sources.) and washing some more of my Golden Fleece.

Hopefully I will have enough washed up to spin for a sweater (or two). I am thinking that I might start with a basic raglan cardie from EZ's Knitting Workshop; however, I'm not entirely decided yet. We will have to see how the spinning goes, and that, my friends, depends on whether I can beg, borrow or steal a drum carder.

Kauni is coming along. I've been knitting it while re-watching season one of House Md. He makes me laugh.


~Tonia~ said...

Normally Indian Summer happens after the first frost. Basically when it should be cool we get a heat wave.

That fleece is so pretty. I so love fleeces and how they have their own "personality".

The sweater looks great!!

Raven said...

Hate to comment on my own blog (actually, I love commenting on my own blog, but one really shouldn't do it all that often), but we don't get much of a frost here. We have two weeks of fall weather at the end of August then hot weather (often hotter than summer) for the first few weeks of September. It's like a second summer, so I suppose it might qualify. Thanks for the link. I like links.

Jenshine said...

Hmm, from what I found, the actual historic background to the meaning Indian Summer is unknown (stupid UVic was of NO help with that!). There are different references to it (the link for Wikipedia states the same thing) relating to Native Americans AND to trading ports in India, where ships actually had I.S. painted on them.

In terms of climate, it doesn't seem like Indian Summers just occur in the Fall, but can occur in December and January as well (
/dtx/stories/i-summer.php). Though, I don't think that happens too much around this area. Doesn't even really happen all that much in Port Hardy, either. Mind you, nothing really happens there...except rain.

See. I still read your blog.