Saturday, September 08, 2007

sixty-one (my, you sure do have a lot of yarn)

I have a lot of yarn.

I have yarn for designated projects.

I have yarn for WIP and left overs from previous projects.

I have yarn, well, I just don't know what I'm going to do with this yarn.

I have a lot of yarn.

What's more, I have fiber too. Fiber for spinning and yarn I've spun.

(there is also 9lbs of unwashed wool from my Golden fleece and a large bag of alpaca in the other room)

All together, I think, that maybe, just maybe, I have a lot of yarn.

So this is the plan. As of today, I am starting a one year, self imposed, yarn purchasing ban. During this time, I will not purchase yarn of any variety (except for certain exceptions listed below).

Why go to such drastic measures you ask? I can give you three reasons. First, I sure do have a lot of yarn. Second, the yarn stash has currently reached maximum storage capacity. And third, I am saving up for some large purchases (a second spinning wheel and drum carder among them).

This is a very difficult thing for me to do, this is why I'm sharing it with you. I need your support. Please don't tell me I'm nuts. I'll cry.

Due to the difficulty and the length of time of this self imposed challenge, I will allow myself a few exceptions.

  1. Fiber festival shopping is exempt. It's the equivalent of eating birthday cake when you are on a diet.

  2. I can purchases new fiber to spin if and only if it is for a particular project and I do not purchases more than is reasonably needed for said project.

  3. I have three (3) wild cards - that means that I have three opportunities to buy yarn and not feel bad about it. But once they are gone, they are gone! (If I don't use them up, I get to buy myself a special present at the end of the year. One for each wild card not used.)

  4. Buying yarn to make specific gifts for other people (not myself) are also exempt.

  5. I can buy myself a gift of yarn for my birthday without using up one of my wild cards.

  6. Enabling is all okay. Which means I can still tell you about this fantastic new yarn being offered by Knits Galore. It's so wonderful and darn it all, I wish it came out yesterday so I could go on a yarn spree before my self imposed torture. I especially like Angela* in Bamboo/Merino/Nylon.

  7. And I suppose, if someone else were to buy me yarn and give it to me, that would be okay too. Besides, it would be rude to refuse.

With these exceptions, one year, one whole year!, will not be too difficult. It will be a challenge, but I think I can get through it.

When will the madness end? After 365.4 days or after I have reduced my stash by more than half. That would be when my entire yarn stash fits comfortably inside my yarn suitcase you see in the photos.


TinkingBell said...

I too have lots of yarn (occasionally I think I am approaching SABLE) but I think you should have a look at the worlds biggest stash at
This will make you feel soooo much better. I wish you well - I worked out that I have yarn for around 60 pairs of socks and that's just the socks yarn! I fall off the wagon so often I need a bungee cord - I'll be cheering (and trying not to buy any more yarn)

~Tonia~ said...

Good luck on your self imposed diet. I say wait until Monday to start then you can get that yarn. ;)

Thanks for the link!!!

Danielle said...

Good luck! I've been doing the same thing since January, with good success! My exceptions are a little different (sock yarn is OK, as is fiber in moderation since I'm a new spinner). I feel very accomplished when I manage to complete something from the stash... My problem is resisting sale yarns. I have to remind myself that I don't save any money by purchasing more yarn than I can reasonably knit!