Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I finally finished my torso on my Kauni Cardie. I even cut one of the steeks.

It was rather foolish of me, sitting in the dark living room, watching The Last Detective, crocheting the steek edge (see See Eunny Knit talk about crochet steeks). Since, I had crocheted it, and there was still half the show left, I thought, why not cut it.

The knitting fates must have taken pitty on me, because, against all the odds, not a wrong thread was snipped. I paid for my good luck when it came to picking up the sts around the edge. It took 7 (that's SEVEN!) tries, and two days of frustration and tossing the darn knitting in the corner to get the stitch count right. It's the age old theory, if you make someone or something sit in the corner long enough, maybe it will start to behave. But I didn't give up, and now the sleeve is on it's way.

That is, except for the spinning.

Okay, I know it's Christmas knitting, and I shouldn't share this with the blog. But the intended recipient seldom uses the Internet and reads this blog infrequently at best (better for me that way). Besides, if my friends aren't expecting knitted gifts from me for the holidays, they just aren't paying attention (and haven't been for quite some time).

But I am going to share it with you, at least a little bit, because I am so proud of the yarn I MADE! That's right, I used all capitals, because I made it. I visualized what I wanted the yarn to be, and it became what I wanted it to be! It's amazing. It would be almost like me knitting a sweater that fit. Anyway, have a look. Isn't it wonderful?

Bad news, there was a moth in my room last night. I am hoping that it's just that time of year again when all the creepy crawlies, and flittery flyies are trying to find new homes for the winter. But if anyone can tell me if it's an evil-moth or just a moth-moth, I would love to know.

In the spirit of being dedicated to my blog, I risked fiber and yarn to take a photo of the offending moth rather than the proper reaction which is to kill it as quickly as possible.

Edit: The moth is tiny; at most, about one centimeter long.


Helen said...

What size is that moth? It looks too vividly marked to be a clothes moth. Clothes moths are very small, between a quarter- and half-an-inch long. They are a very dull brown colour, and all the same colour, no light and dark. The wings look a little bit like the wood shavings you get when you sharpen a pencil. See

TinkingBell said...

Lovely yarn - brave about that moth (kill them, kill them all!!)And how brave are you about the Kauni cardi - I look at the huuuuuuge skeins and think - 'I'll wait till I get a working ball winder' - well done!

~Tonia~ said...

Oooo the spinning is so pretty. You are one brave woman for cutting your knitting. I think that it would take a lot of alcohol to get me to actually cut it. LOL

Danielle said...

I spent a lot of time knitting a short sleeved sweater from knitty called Bob at the beginning of summer, and I hated how it fit of course ;) So I used Eunny's crochet steeking technique to make it a cardi, and that was on cotton yarn. It did have some quirks, but that was my fault. Crochet steeks work out pretty well, don't they. Picking up the neck stitches seem to be bothering a lot of people....

Can't wait to see your fo!! It's going great :) And woo-hoo for your great yarn you made. Love it.