Friday, September 07, 2007


I wandered around the house in a panic. The scarf, the wonderful Montego Bay Scarf was finished, ends darned, and gently hanging around my neck. Kauni sat quietly in the corner, but I couldn't bring myself to knit it. I felt almost dizzy. My stomach felt as if filled with stones. Why, after completing such a beautiful project like this scarf, out of such beautiful (may I say) hand spun yarn, would I feel so antsy?

But then I realized what was wrong. The yarn for the first Christmas present wasn't anywhere near ready to ply, let alone knit; and even though I still had knitting on the needles, I had no handbag knitting.

Handbag knitting are small knitting projects that live in my hand bag. This may mean, as in The Mysterious Case of the Monkey Socks (note the hint of Sherlock Holmes), that a particular handbag knitting project, though small, may take months to knit. You probably have no idea how many time having knitting in my handbag has saved myself (and many an 'innocent' party) from harm.

I'm pretty high strung. I'm also very outspoken. Usually I'm shy enough for this not to be an issue. But sometimes...well, let's just say, it's not pretty. Okay, it is pretty funny for me, but it's not pretty funny for the poor sod who asks me 'does this make me look fat.' Because when I get high strung and outspoken, I'm the type of person that rejects decorum and tells that poor sod where and how much it makes her look fat. I end up feeling bad afterwards, but at least people (most people) learn that I give an honest opinion (even when I 'shouldn't').

This is why handbag knitting is such an important thing. It keeps me calm and, more importantly, it keeps me from saying things that maybe I shouldn't. This is why I was in such a panic when I ran out of handbag knitting. This is why I picked up some yarn from my stash and immediately cast for socks. The world is much better now. (details about yarn and socks coming later - it's been a long day at university, and I ought to leave you something to look forward to).

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~Tonia~ said...

Better to knit with the needles than to stab someone with them. ;) Glad you have some knitting to keep in your bag. I always have to have something to do or I go crazy.