Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Case of the Too Many Apples

More apples have arrived, and there are plenty more on the way.

Thank you everyone for your input re The Case of the Too Many Apples. It is much appreciated. Please keep it coming. I'm begging you. There are too many apples!

What you see here is about a tenth of what we have so far. More is coming. They are like tribbles, they multiply when you are not looking, and I fear that they will slowly and surely take over the world. (Speaking of tribbles, does anyone know where I saw that knitted tribble pattern?)

We are making apple sauce, dried apples, baked apples, apple crumble and soon, apple pies. Any suggestions on how to make apple pies for the freezer when I only have one pie plate?

There has to be more things one can do with apples. Help me out here.

In other apple related news, I have finished my essay and my second Spring Cap (free design by Woolly Wormhead). This one is blue and knit from yarn purchased at Sunset Farm on Salt Spring Island. This is really nice yarn to knit with, it is soft but strong and if I make it back there any time soon, I'll get enough for a sweater even if it means using up one of my no-yarn-for-me wild cards.

Now, I'm off to sort apples. Wish me luck!


~Tonia~ said...

I bet you are going to be tired of seeing apples. You might want to pick up some of the aluminium pie plates so you can use them in the freezer.

Hummmmm... apple fridders, apple butter, apple muffins, apple spounge cake.

Miss Scarlett said...

Love the blue hat!
Goodness you are fast - what with all the apples and pears you had to sort and bake.
I thought I had lots of apples when we had one box!