Monday, October 29, 2007


And now, some knitting.

The Kauni is complete! (except for sewing on some buttons, but I'll do that tomorrow)

The yarn, Kauni in EF colourway bought from FunKnits. The great thing about Shelley's shop (other than Shelley herself) is that she ships everywhere. Not only that, FunKnits is Canadian and within a days journey from here. I hope one day to make a pilgrimage up to Quadra Island to visit her in her native habitat.

It's washed (the yarn had a slight farm smell to it which is delightful while knitting, but undesirable in a finished sweater) and is drying as I type.

This is the first object I've ever knit out of pure peer pressure. First off, I saw it on the Yarn Harlot's blog and thought it lovely. Not lovely enough to make for myself, but lovely in that wistful sort of way where you think to yourself, perhaps one day, but really you know you will never find the time or inclination to make it. Then, Brenda created a KAL for the Kauni Cardie and invited me to join along. It was exactly the motivation I needed. I contacted Shelley and it wasn't long before I had two HUGE skeins of yarn arrive at my doorstep and absolutely no idea what I had gotten myself into.

For the most part, it was a delight to knit. There are a few (ahem) errors in my sweater. The sleeves don't match quite so well as I had hoped and there are a few extra rows here and there whenever I got distracted by the television. It took longer to knit than anything else I have ever made! Even longer than that Wedding Gift I knit for Teddy. I suppose if I had spent more time knitting it and less time on other projects like Christmas gifts and learning how to spin sock yarn (something I am still working on by the way), it would have been finished sooner.

Now that I think about it, there is actually one item that took longer to knit. I'm not certain how long exactly, but a guess of five or six years would be conservative. I haven't even woven in all the ends yet.

Scratchy acrylic yarn and colours I'm not overly fond of have taught me the importance of making certain that new knitters have access to top notch yarns rather than the cheep stuff. Just because you are learning and knitting strange shaped rectangles does not mean you don't deserve to enjoy yourself.

In other news I've been baking, studying and as of this evening, writing essay. Exam's on Wednesday. Wish me luck.


Knitting Librarian said...

wonderful job on the Kauni! it's gorgeous!

Danielle said...

Kaun-gratulation's on your gorgeous kauni!! I love it, and BTW mine's still not finished and it's taken me longer to knit this probably than anything else I've knit so far too. But it is soooo worth the effort ;) Now all I wanna knit is stranded stuff, I've been bitten by the color work bug I'm afraid lol! Hey, I know what you mean about that "farmish" order that the yarn has while you knit it. I agree about not wanting that certain aroma in a finished garment LOL ;)

Micky said...

Oh beautiful Kauni. Love the colors.
Great job.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh your Kauni is stunning!! Really beautiful. Good for you.
I am dying to make one - was even about to order the yarn but when I read the downloadable pattern from the KAL I was freaked out about how little info there was.
You have done marvelously well if that is all you had to go by.

At any rate - fantastic job. Gorgeous sweater.

And are you making bread? Yum.

~Tonia~ said...

Kauni looks great!!! You did a wonderful job.

Good luck Wednesday.

curlysalamander said...

Love your Kauni. I haven't started mine yet -- working through a bunch of other stuff. I'm thinking of doing a damask pattern rather than squares, just to keep things interesting.

Fun Knits said...

The Kauni looks great. I am sure you will love wearing it. I have hardly had mine off since I finished it.