Thursday, October 25, 2007


Happy news everyone: HollYarns is having another contest. I am not going to enter because I won the last one and recieved the most wonderful needle holder and some cotton yarn. But I encourage you to.

I had a fun evening with the Guild this week. They had something called an informal gathering where we came with our fibre arts and socialized. There were lots of people there, many of them spinning. Some were knitting, others crocheting, needle felting, and weaving. And some of us were committing acts of fibre prep.

I got to try my hand at some combs.

This is the most desirable form of fibre prep I'm told and one I hope to prefect with time. Combing wool is the first step to true worsted yarn. In a way it seems like a bit of a waste as only about half of the fibres you begin with make it to the finished stage with this process. The shorter bits are already picked (or fluffed apart) ready to card for woolen style yarn, so it is actually more efficient than you think. You can also use combs for fibre blending. Look how beautiful that is.

Considering how long and pointy combs are, not to mention the intense concentration required to perform the act of combing, I think it is something I should do in a solitary setting. So I moved on to picking.

This is a drum carder.

It turns this

into this

and this.

Before you put the wool into the carder, it helps, I am told, if you pick it apart first. This process is called picking (or fluffing by some people, but they haven't watched the same TV shows as I have, so I don't call it fluffing - if you get the joke good for you, if not, I'm not explaining it to you). The evening was a great deal of fun. Lots of people turned up to play with fibre and I learned all sorts of new skills.

I have an exam next week followed by yet another essay. It is most likely that blogging will be less frequent until the middle of November. Or, if the essay goes badly, it will be more frequent. In the mean time, can anyone think of a job for me where I don't have to work with too many people. Preferably something either fibre related or where they pay me to write stuff. Writing stuff about fibre would be best.


~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like a fun and educational time.

Good luck on your exam.

TinkingBell said...

Good luck for the exam - I too want a job writing about fibre and knitting - if you hear of someone who wants 2 writers - let me know! LOL about the fluffing - maybe we can get jobs as fibre fluffers (snicker snicker). I'm putting off embarking on the great adventure which is spinning - because one fibre addiction at a time is enough!

Miss Scarlett said...

Good luck on your exam.

Look at that blue and orange fibre blended together - gorgeous!

ha! it too me a minute to get it, fluffing. I had forgotten that term.