Friday, October 19, 2007


Lots of things to tell you about this rainy Friday morning. Let's see if I can get this all accomplished before I have to run out into the rain and go to class.

First off, cancer caps.
As you know, during the next thirty days or so I'll be knitting caps to donate in honour of Katie's husband to the ward where he use to work. If you are thinking of joining in, that would be wonderful. It's just a little something we can do to honour the memory of a very special person who I am told was an inspiration for Knitting Our Way to Peace. If you do choose to join in, and you live near me (west coast of Canada), I'll be collecting together the caps to send off in one parcel. Just let me know.

Second, Corsets.
I have a secret. I love vintage undergarments, especially corsets. That's why the guild meeting was a double blessing last night. Not only did I get to mingle with the wonderful people of amazing skill (they are so inspiring it makes me wonder how did I live my life up to now without a guild), but we also were also treated to a talk on the history of the Corset by Melanie Talkington.

Third, Fibre Festival.
Sorry, I can't find a link to this one, but the Cowichan Fiber Fest is tomorrow. It makes me realize just how many of my fiber event I discover through the Internet. Now that I am part of a group of fellow fiber fiends (hope you don't mind me calling you that, it's meant with love) I am discovering an infinite number of fibre events that never make it to the Internet.

You may think that attending this event conflicts with my no-yarn-for-me; but you forget, the clever person who invented the rules (that's me) allowed for some exceptions (else, madness would ensue). Have a look at exception number 1., and I quote, "Fiber festival shopping is exempt. It's the equivalent of eating birthday cake when you are on a diet." See how smart I am? I can't wait until tomorrow!

Forth, Kindness.
HollYarns had a contest some time ago, and guess what? I won. I had hoped to take a photo for myself, but the rain makes for bad lighting and I just can't do it justice. So, have a look here if you would like to see my bran new yarn (thank goodness for yarn - yarn fasting is difficult) which is brilliant blue cotton from Manos del Uruguay and my firs ever needle case. The needle case is like spring time with flowers and sunshine yellow inside. It even has a couple of cat hairs on it to make it extra special (I miss having a cat). Thank you kind stranger.

And lastly, I'm out of time.
It's time for class. I didn't talk about everything I had planed to, but that just leaves me with something to talk about next time (party games anyone?). I will do my best to take lots of photos at the Fiber Fest, but you know me when I am around large amounts of fibre or yarn. If you see me there (because, I'm told that people actually read my blog) remind me to take photos.

One last question, is it 'fiber' or 'fibre', and why is it one and not the other?


~Tonia~ said...

Hope you had a great time at the fiber fest.

I believe it is fiber in the US and fibre in Canada. Why that is I couldn't tell you. I remember the Yarn Harlot talking about it on her blog one day.

Helen said...

Bit late to this one, but "fiber" is the US spelling, bit like "color" or "tire", whereas in the UK and Canada, it's "fibre" "colour" and "tyre". They're both right I suppose, depends on where you're from!

Miss Scarlett said...

You are clever Raven! I love the exceptions to the rule - they only make sense.

Yep - it is a US/UK/Canada thing. Don't even get me started on cheque and check.