Saturday, October 13, 2007


Fall colours on campus are inspiring. I just want to take all these colours and turn them into fabric. Can you imagine spinning yarn the colour of an oak tree with the tips of the leaves turning fiery red, but with the texture of merino wool and bamboo carded together? Imagine a sweater that can capture the subtle hues of orange and faded green, or the sensation of sunlight shimmering on a pond on one of the last sunny days before the frost sets in.

One day, I will learn to dye, and then I can capture the colours I see in the world and create fiber and yarn to reflect the changing seasons. One day, but not today. Today I will share with you a simple post with some photos taken on campus this week. As if you needed more proof to know that winter is on its way.

I hope you enjoy.


Kate said...

HI Raven!! Thanks for your comment on the Peace blog! I can't go into Ravelry without finding something that I want to knit, or another yarn too try. So, I just need to ignore it for the time being! Even though Hanane keeps telling me I NEED to join!

And I agree with your comment/post. Ignorance about a subject can certainly lead to a hatred of a group!

Great pictures on your post!!! Thanks for sharing!

~Tonia~ said...

Such lovely pictures. I love the fall colors.

Judy Frabotta said...

You are so gifted! Love your blog and I hope we see more of you both virtually and in person!

Holly of HollYarns said...

Uber-duber gorgeous! So jealous!

Miss Scarlett said...