Friday, October 05, 2007


I was knitting on the bus ride home. It was fairly crowded, and many of the passengers had to stand. I was lucky because I had located a good seat for myself next to the window. It's part luck and part being one of the first people on at the first stop of the rout.

I sat in my corner happily knitting away as the buss filled up and started on its way. When I happened to glance up, I noticed that no less than ten people were staring at me. When I looked at them, most of them quickly looked at the floor with embarrassment (perhaps those were the individuals who's parents taught them it's rude to stare). It is the reactions on their faces that is so interesting. One young woman standing next to the driver, had a look of anger or dismay when she watched my knitting. Another rider, this one a young man standing near the back doors, looked absolutely intrigued as if this was the most delightful thing he had every seen anyone do on public transport. He was so engrossed in my knitting that he didn't notice I was watching him at first, then suddenly realized it and with a jolt, began to study his shoes with intense concentration.

The reactions of my fellow riders ranged between these two extremes. One older woman who boarded at the stop next to the hospital and was granted a place in the preferred seating at the front of the bus, did not bother to look away when I glanced up at her. Instead, she continued to stare at me in dismay. The only change she made when I looked directly at her was to sadly shake her head in disapproval. I wonder if perhaps she is of the age where knitting was considered an acceptance of a woman's subservient role in society and she thought I was undoing all the achievements that feminists had worked so hard for. Or maybe she just did not like the colours I was knitting with.

Yet other passengers seemed quite content to have something other than annoying buss adds to look at on their journey.

I know I am not the only one who knits on public transport; and I Know that I am not the only knitter in this city. Yet, one would think it was the most alien thing in the world, for these people to see someone knitting on the bus.

Don't forget, I still have apples. Please keep those ideas coming. I collect more tonight.


DE said...

Interesting - I've never really been stared at when knitting in public, except for maybe a bit of curiosity. I find watching people's reactions on public transit interesting in general, though.

For your apples, what about making a galette? It's just basically a big pie crust with the edges turned over into the middle on top of the filling, so you wouldn't need pie plates to make a bunch.

TinkingBell said...

I love to KIP and always ask other KIPpers what they're knitting! - Probably just intrigued you're using you're time well instead of yelling into a stupid cell phone!

~Tonia~ said...

It is amazing the different reactions that one gets when non-knitters see it in happen in public. Maybe they where jelous that they couldn't make something so lovely. :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Sometimes I just can't stand the staring and decide not to knit in public. Other times - I think, look away.

I do find it awkward when people express amazement at the sock I am working on. I really don't think my knitting is that impressive.

If you still have apples - have you tried Clafouti? It's yummy.