Thursday, October 11, 2007


I remember mentioning once or twice that there are apples in my home. There still are. What is more, there are more on their way.

But in an attempt to conquer the ever growing pile of apples and reclaim a small portion of the apartment in which I live, I have been making pie.

There is this nifty little device that peals, cores and chops the apple up for us.

What's more, it creates lovely compost that the garden just adores. (All those little worms will have wonderful food to feast on over the winter; and in the spring, when we dig the garden, it will be nothing more than velvety dirt)

Made copious amounts of pastry with my great grandmother's pastery cutter.

I think I roll out the crust fairly thin, what I thought would make three pies, made seven.

Stick the tops on the pie, put some vent holes in them, then off into the oven they go.

After a while, something goes beep, and the pie is ready.

Or, should I say the pies are ready?

Knittingwise, I'm back on the Kauni. I have realized why it wasn't finished yet, I hadn't been knitting it. I have been spinning and knitting my hand spun (those secret Christmas gifts take a great deal of time). But I'm back on the Kauni now. The second sleeve is underway, next I get to wrestle with the button band.


~Tonia~ said...

Yummmmm apple pies.

The colors on the spinning are so pretty.

Holly said...

I keep expecting my Kauni to just knit itself.

But it is sitting there next to the computer - taunting me.

Perhaps today I will get that second sleeve started.

Jen said...

Those pies look fabulous! I'm making apple crisp as I write this with the apples you gave me. They are delicious! I hope the crisp turns out!

Miss Scarlett said...

Your pies look soo good!

Seriously, is this one tree's worth of apples? Or an orchard? You have a serious source of fresh apples.

This line is hilarious: I have realized why it wasn't finished yet, I hadn't been knitting it.

I hate when that happens!