Monday, October 01, 2007


It was an extra long day at work yesterday. One of my co-works was home sick, so I got to work a few extra hours - which means more yarn money for me but no essay writing.
It is not like the work is difficult. Most of it is dead easy. My co-workers are superb. It is rather that the people I deal with are (how do I say this without sounding like House?) idiots. There, I said it. Not all of them are. In fact most of them are quite wonderful. It's just the occasional bad apple that really runes my day. On top of all that I find working with people exhausting and working with stupid people doubly so. But this is the life we choose.

Y came over after work for supper. Now there is a person who always cheers me up.

I had just finished my Spring Cap when Y arrived and she modeled it for me while I took photos for the blog.

It looks far better on her than on me, but then again, most things do. Here is a shot of the traditional Y dance.

Right, it's essay and than class today. The Spring Cap took far too little time to knit, so I'm starting another one, this time in some blueish yarn I picked up at Sunset Farm on Saltspring Island.


~Tonia~ said...

The cap looks great. So glad you had enough yarn.

Miss Scarlett said...

The cap looks awesome.

It is hard working with stupid people!