Monday, October 22, 2007

Three Bags Full

I make myself laugh.

That fibre fest thing I told you about, it was incredible. I bought far more than I intended and I still came home under budget. I was especially fortunate to travel there with a fibre friend, let’s call her M the Wise, who was not only good fun to travel with, but also wise enough to help me decide what best to make with the many fibres I bought.

I think I saw one or two people from Ravelry, but I really can be quite shy in person, and there was so much fibre to look at. There were fibre friends there I did recognize, including one who brought their adorable kitten out with them to enjoy the day. That’s something I would have loved to get a photo of, but the kitten was so excited, I doubt I would have got a good shot.

The fibre overwhelmed me; I took maybe three photos the entire day. At first, I was almost dizzy, but once I got my bearings, I managed to buy a few things. No yarn though, but I suppose that’s a good thing considering my yarn fast and my desire to become a better spinner.

Okay, are you ready for this? I bought 3 bags full of fibre.

Don’t let their size deceive you; there is a lot of fibre in these little bags.

First, I picked up (and have almost finished spinning) some wool from Conheath Farm. I can’t remember which type of wool it is. It has a strong texture with lots of crimp, and I think the type of sheep starts with a C. M the Wise said that it would make great sock yarn. I have tried spinning it worsted style, but it spins up more even woollen style. I captured the last of the dark blue-ish colour that she had for sale and some of that light blue to ply it with. So far I’m well pleased with this fibre.

Next up, Hummingbird Fibre Arts: This is one of the great centres of pilgrimage for fibre artists on the island. She carries such high quality fibres and tools at affordable prices. It makes me smile.

I picked up some wool,

some wool silk blend,

and a little later, I picked up some alpaca silk blend (I couldn’t help myself, it was calling me from across the room while I was eating lunch.).

From Qualicum Bay Fibre Works (one of two local fibre mills and processors in the area) I bought some different alpaca silk blend. I actually picked up quite a lot of this, 8oz, and I have no idea what I will do with it. But it’s soft. M the Wise says I shouldn’t make socks with Alpaca as it doesn’t wear well. She also says that since I naturally spin quite tight, I should be able to spin this up lace weight no problem. Perhaps a light lace jacket for spring?

It seemed to be a very Alpaca festival. There was one shop in the corner with a collection of alpaca from different farms. I bought some dyed alpaca blended with silk noils and some jet black alpaca to ply with it. Again, I have no idea what I will make with this, but it’s soft and it’s ‘purddy’. At the very least I will use it to improve my spinning skills.

From the local guild, not the guild I belong to, but the wonderful people who put on this fibre goodness, I bought some hand dyed wool. I actually had to fight a little bit to buy this one. I was going to buy two, but when I realized how much one of my fibre friends wanted more of this dye lot, I decided to only buy one. I think this is going to make great sock yarn as well, but I also think I’m allergic to something in it. I might have to wash it before I spin it as I get the sniffles every time I take it out of the bag to admire it.

Lastly, I want to talk about Twist of Fate. It’s a vender I’ve never seen before, but I’m well pleased with all the pretty things she has for sale.

I’m delighted with the fibres I bought there and I regret passing up the cotton and the bison she had for sale. But maybe she will make it to the Victoria Spin-in early next year.

I bought some wool silk and wool cotton blends.

One thing I’ve noticed now that I have had time to admire my purchases is that she doesn’t list the percentages of the fibre in the packages. The content is listed, but not how much of each. I suppose I’m over curious.

That’s about it for me. Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I think I would have liked to buy some Shetland as well. What makes me most happy is that most of the venders were local farms, and those that weren’t were out here for other reasons anyway, so their eco-footprint was quite small.

It was a very happy day and an all around good fibre fest.

(I apologize that some of the colours are not spot on, I had bad lighting due to rain, but I wanted to get this post out and I didn't know how long the bad weather would last)


~Tonia~ said...

You got a nice selection of fiber. Sounds like a great time.

TinkingBell said...

Yum Yum - a yarn and fibre binge!!!

Hanane said...

Raven, The colors look good to me. I love the colors you chose. Very nice.


Holly said...

addicting, isn't it?

Great thing about spinning, one more way to have lovely things to fondle!

Miss Scarlett said...

I think the wool is Corriedale (well, it's the only one I know with a C).

Listen to how much you already know about spinning?!

And never mind that - look at the stunning fibre!!!
Oh - I am so jealous...but happy for you. :-)

I have got to get our spinning wheel fixed like today!