Monday, November 19, 2007

Dreaming of Snow

The essay was finished with time to spare. It wasn't a very good essay, but at this point, I don't really care anymore. It's funny, I think I write quite well most of the time - the blog is an exception, as what you see here is always a first draft - but sometimes I just fall into a deep pit of awfulness. While in that dank, dark pit of bad English, everything comes out sputum. Words fit badly and meaning is lost in my attempt to be accurate. It's often that way with history papers - there is so much information to convey to the reader, and such a small word count in which to do it. Something always gets compromised and the vision I have for the finished work is always distorted to find a balance between give and take.

Yet, when I have the freedom to write in a loose framework and sufficient time in which to do it (aka. more than a month, including research time), I write quite well. I feel that I should be a better writer. I feel that these limitations shouldn't hamper my style of expression. If I do it often enough, if I write under the pressure of unreasonable deadlines and on topics that don't fully capture my interest, if I do this often enough, then I feel that I should become quite good at it. But, I've been doing just that for five years now. I haven't gotten any better at it. At least it doesn't feel as if I have.

I would love to write for a living. But it is times like this where I doubt myself.

But that's enough of that - how about some knitting?

My Marco Polo Handspun Socks are almost finished. I am hoping to have them finished today so I can wear them to spinning tomorrow.

Look at those colours!

I think I might actually publish this pattern on my free knitting patterns page. Not because there is anything exceptional about this socks pattern, but as practice for myself. I don't think I put enough detail into my patterns. No one has complained so far, but I think I can do better.

The Hemlock Ring is coming along well. It's gotten too big for my needles though, so it's being worked on a system of my three longest circular needles. I am either going to have to finish it off soon or buy more needles. I haven't decided which yet.

In other news, I am thoroughly jealous of all those people out there in blog land with snow. It's probably the one thing I dislike about where I live - it's the only city in Canada where it practically never snows!


TinkingBell said...

Oh yes - I love Vancouver Island but we were there in winter and there WAS NO SNOW - Canada - wintger - no snow. It doesnn't snow here either (sometimes in the mountains) and people always think its cold - I say 'Tuscany!!

~Tonia~ said...

I am glad that your paper is done. Now you can get on to more important things like knitting and spinning. ;)

The socks look great. You have done such a wonderful job spinning and knitting them.

Miss Scarlett said...

Thank goodness your essay is behind you. Leaves you more time for the things you spinning your own fabulous sock yarn!

You know what - we are less than an hour from Whistler but when it snows rains right after.

I feel your pain - I love the snow but it is a very rare thing.