Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Thank goodness for high shipping rates and my refusal to pay them.

While reading blogs yesterday (something I don't do anywhere near often enough these days), I clicked on what appeared to be an innocent enough link to raven coloured yarn. I don't normally go in for my name sake. I love ravens and raven related things, but you couldn't tell by looking around my home. I have a few books about ravens and raven mythology given to me by friends, but that's about it. So when I saw the link on The YoYo Knits blog I thought I was pretty safe. I'm on a yarn-fast after all.

So I clicked on the link and was overcome by the beautiful colours. Thraven and Valkyrie especially caught my attention, and I decided that I desperately needed to own two skeins each of this sock yarn in both colourways. I would order one colourway now, and one later if I liked the first. I would make knee high socks with simple cables hidden in amongst a rich night of subtle colours. I would wear skirts, even on the coldest days of winter so to show off my marvelous creations. I would break with my yarn fast, using one or all of my wild cards I designed for just such an emergency.

Before I knew it, I had created an account, the yarn was in my basket, and was at the point just before I enter my credit card details when I saw the shipping fee. I stopped. I looked again. The shipping fee was the same. I pet some yarn just to make certain I wasn't dreaming. I looked again. No change. I cancelled my order.

I've never seen shipping fees so high from the USA to Canada. There must be some exceptional reason for this, but $20 for about 200g or yarn, even with our unusually strong dollar, is far too much for my tastes. It's more than half the price of the yarn (2 skeins at $19 each). Given that I made a pledge not to buy any yarn for a year I suppose it's a good thing I'm too stubborn to pay high shipping costs. It does look like beautiful yarn though...sigh...oh well.

The photo was taken at the Vancouver Airport just over a year ago. You can see a raven perched towards the back of the ship. This sculpture, or I should say the original sculpture, this is a reproduction, is also the image on the back of our 20 dollar bill.


Leslie - knitting therapist said...

I know, I've never seen anything so close to outright thievery in my whole knitting/online buying life.

Call Meghan at Lettuce Knit in Toronto. She may be able to order it for you. That's what I'm going to do.

~Tonia~ said...

I could order it for you then ship it however you would like. ;)

That is outragious for shipping! I wonder what the Fold would charge.

I have shipped yarn to Canada before for around $4.

Well I have tried multiple times and it won't let me log in. If you want me to try later I can to see what shipping will cost me then send it to you.

~Tonia~ said...

Ok so I finally got on. It would cost $5.50 to have it shipped to me.

Miss Scarlett said...

That is robbery. Utterly ridiculous. I only just read of this yarn the other day - and was very interested in checking it out as I love Ravens. I'm 1st Nations and my totem animal is the Raven (I don't know if you noticed my double take when you told me your name -- I have always thought Raven would be a beautiful name for a girl!).

I actually like the Airport Reproduction better than the original -- not sure why. He used a lot of Ravens in his work - some of my favourite Ravens in fact.