Tuesday, November 06, 2007


You see the plan was to take lots of photos of the lap blanket I'm knitting for my G'pa at campus. I would take photos of it frolicking in the leaves, being devoured by the rabbits who run the university, climbing trees, eating dinner at the cafeteria, and even attending the theater. It was the plan, but my camera had other ideas. Something about batteries and needing new ones.

Being a medium sized camera, it's surprisingly heavy, and I am certain that it was that little bit of extra weight that caused the strap to break on my backpack full of books and knitting.

I tried to sew up the strap (because every knitter carries a thimble, thread and a needle in their bag?) while taking notes in class on guild charters during the middle ages. I was sorely vexed when I stabbed myself and when the instructor completely ignored all the interesting bits of the silk spinsters guild charter. At the end of class, the strap broke again - the thread was too weak and the leather too old.

I don't get along well with November.

At least the day ended well. A performance by Rosemary Beland, who is just finishing her 6 year study of the harp, was an absolute delight. I think my favorite song was Nataliana, composed by Deborah Henson-Conant, Rosemary played it solo on her hand carved, concert harp covered in 22 carat gold leaf. It was truly a magical journey. The music completely swept me away from all the cares and worries that November brings. I laughed, I cried, it was a stunning thing to experience.

I even got to knit during the intermission and prop changes. Knitting lace in the dark is inadvisable if you suck at it as much as I do, but there must have been some special kind of magic in that place last night that guided my hand and saved me from making any mistakes or dropping any stitches. You will be glad to know I didn't knit during the performance. I wasn't even tempted. I was far too captivated by the music.

A fibre friend, let's call her A-Rose, performed in the final number, a traditional English rose garland dance. She was wonderful. I would like to believe that it is entirely because she pet my yarn during intermission for luck, but suspect she did it all on her own. It was really beautiful, the garlands and the people moving around, making beautiful patterns. It makes me want to design an afghan with cable patterns based on the dance.

It was a wonderful treat to attend such a performance, thank you A-Rose for inviting me.


~Tonia~ said...

Sorry about the strap, but it sounds like the evening turned out very nice.

Harp music is so pretty.

TinkingBell said...

Sounds like a great night - love the harp! - Unlucky re the strap but at least the lace is OK!