Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I know the postilion and I have a very 'interesting' relationship. My feelings for him oscillate between love and hate. For example, last week I was in complete despair that he hadn't brought me my parcel yet. But this week, he is the best person ever for having finally brought me my parcel. You want to know why? He brought me this:

As you can see, it's my new coffee mug. I bought it from, and although impossible to catch all in one photograph, it says, "I have needles & I'm not afraid to use them." This is exactly the mug for me!

It must seem silly to many of you that I was so excited about a little bit of snow-rain falling from the sky. But you see, many people take snow for granted. It is a standard part of winter. But many of us (thank you all for the lovely comments by the way) so seldom experience snow, and even then, we experience it in it's corrupted, rain filled form that we just get so excited at the prospect of snow that actually stays on the ground for more than an hour.

You want to know just how bad it is here? The city of Victoria sold all of their snow plows a few years back, in order to have a larger budget to spend on hanging flower baskets. This is very, very silly people.

The YoYo Knits is having a stash sale right now to raise money for vet bills. If I wasn't on a yarn fast, I would buy some of this lovely yarn (especially the fibre) as I really sympathize with people who hate November (to be more precise, November started it. I wouldn't hate November if it wasnt so gosh darn mean to me first! - but that's a story for another day). Anyway, pop over there and have a gander when you have a moment and maybe pick yourself up some beautiful hand dyed yarn.

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~Tonia~ said...

Great mug. We normally have snow by now and have only seen a few flurries that haven't amounted to anything. *Sigh*