Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ah. Apple Butter!

I still have plenty of apples around the house. Apple butter is a great way to use some up, and it's so yummy on bread. I wish you could smell how great the house is right now, with the apple butter and all it's spices simmering away in the slow cooker. It's quite easy to make: first you make some apple sauce (unsweetened) in the usual way, then you take it and mix it with spices like cloves and vanilla and the like, stick in the slow cooker for a night and a day on low, and finally, seal it in jars.

Speaking about cooking, I bought myself a book last night. I didn't mean to, but it fell off the shelf into my arms when I popped into the shop to get some milk.

Oh Nigella, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... actually, best not, I don't think anyone wants to read a blog entry that long. But what more can I say, she's gorgeous (in a curvy sort of way) and a diva in the kitchen. I tell you, this woman is one of my all time heroes! I'm cooking mac and cheese from her book for dinner tonight. YUM!

Did you see the yarn that snuck into my photo? It's about half of the superwash merino roving from Knits Galore. It's Navajo plyed and looks like a dream. I have a wee bit left to spin up and then I will ply the second half in one go.

I over plyed it, and by that I mean I made seriously kinky yarn! I ended up dampening the skein, then winding the damp yarn back onto the Nid and leaving it for a day to dry. This is like blocking for yarn, but I think spinners have another term for it.

Anyway, it's now gorgeous and I just have to finish my current pair of socks (mmm.... alpaca and silk....) before I can use this yarn.

Finally, the first half decent sock yarn I've made. I can hardly wait to get it on the needles.

Another thing I thought I should mention:

Way to go to the amazing person who made this. If only I had known about it when I had started the Hemlock Ring blanket. It is coming along very well now that my new needles arrived (on schedule I might add). I worry it's getting to be a bit too big even for super sized circular needles. I think I'll have to set up some sort of system like when you use double points for socks, only with my four longest circular needles before I can finish this blanket.

By the way, have I told you guys lately how much I love your comments? I know I don't get to answer each and every one of you, but believe me, I love it when you leave me comments and teach me new and wonderful things. Thanks for being so amazingly lovely.


Linnea said...

Oh, your yarn is beautiful! I love the colors and it looks like it will be such a joy to knit with. And it reminds me of autumn, perfect for the weather right now.

Miss Scarlett said...

You made your own sock yarn! Look at you - so talented.
The colours are perfect for this time of year.

Mmmm Apple Butter sounds delicious. And Nigella Lawson is simply stunning - her food is yummy too. And usually so decadent. I imagine your mac and cheese is going to be scrumptious.

Joanna said...

Those colours are fantastic! and I also adore Nigella Lawson! I love her book "How to be a domestic goddess"!

yvette said...

Your new sock yarn is beautiful, well done.

~Tonia~ said...

You did a great job it is exquisite! I can't wait to see the socks it produces. You advertise my roving so well.

Mmmmmm apple butter. Never made it, but love to eat it. ;)

TinkingBell said...

Aren't you clever (haven't fallen onto the spinning/dying wagton yet - a good thing really - I occasionally feel like I'm leading 3 lives anyway!) It's beautiful ayrn - and why thankee for the comments comment! I enjoy you're blog and your knitting and spinning (makes me feel as if I have a life beyond schools and small people and country town stuff! Maybe we'll get together if you get here, or we get there!

dianna rubidge said...

It is so much fun to read your blog. Such enthusiasm! Such great photos! Such neat projects!