Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bunnies Again!

There are a few important facts I got wrong about wabbits earlier and a few things I should clear up about my personal stance on bunnies.

  1. First off, I like bunnies. That is to say, I like bunnies as pets, I think they are adorable. I really want an angora one, for some strange reason, and I would get one if I had the space and an area where it could live a happy life (apartments are too small for bunnies). What I don't like is wild wabbits. They really do a number on the eco system around here, not just by eating endangered plants, but by upsetting the balance of other animals like owls and stuff. I also enjoy challenging people's beliefs about wild wabbits - the students and profs at my university take the stance that the wabbits are cute, therefore they can do nothing bad. Extremely bad logic to hear from a philosophy prof don't you think?

  2. Did you know that rabbits are not rodents? I didn't. A fibre friend from spinning (she is very nice and very good with animals) did some research on bunnies and she told me they are Lagomorphs not rodents at all. How cool is that, I now have another excuse to get that angora rabbit one day! Apparently, they have more teeth than rodents so let's hope the dentist doesn't charge them extra. They are vegetarians, whereas rodents are a sort of omnivore. There is a difference in genitalia for the males of both orders (higher than family on the animal family tree thing - do people still use Lanaius for this sort of thing?), which explains why I didn't notice the one bunny getting very excited right away.

  3. Rabies isn't very common in rabbits. I suppose that makes sense as the health warning for rabies that I heard on the radio about six months ago was only for rodents, especially bats (I think they are rodents, now I'm not so sure).

  4. And as for the plague, well, I was certain I had seen an advisory for it in the rat population here on the WHO site. But you know what, I go back and check for it - it's not there. So either someone was playing a joke on me, or more likely, I dreamt it. The black death has yet to reach Canada! Good news is we don't have to worry about me falling ill with the plague because I got assaulted by a rabbit.

  5. What else did I learn about bunnies this morning? Oh yes - I had suggested as a means of population control we could feed them birth control carrots. But this wouldn't work as it would travel down the food chain and other nasty things. So I thought, why not capture all the female ones and snip what ever it is that people snip. Apparently there are too many wabbits running wild over too large an area for that to work out. So, the solution is education (of people, not the rabbits). We have to get the message out that just because they are cute (the rabbits and perhaps even the people), doesn't mean they aren't bad for the ecosystem. Cute does not equal harmless! We also need to realize they are here to stay. We can learn to live with them I guess - plant all the gardens in raised beds and the like. A bunny can only jump so high.

So there you have it. Five facts about bunnies. I want to thank a very special fibre friend for her help in pointing out my mistakes. She was right in thinking that I was giving the bunnies a hard time. I based my opinion on all wild rabbits on the actions of one amours rabbit who didn't buy me dinner first. I should know better than to stereotype a species based on the actions of one of it's members.

In other news, I pricked my finger on my spinning wheel last night. So, if I fall asleep, I just want you to know that I realize there aren't many princes out there these days, but I am willing to wait for a really good looking (and preferably wealthy) one.


TinkingBell said...

I love cute bunnies too - but it doesn't stop plague populations (not black death. just lots and lots of them) eating everyhting and breeding furiously and wrecking the ecosystem (especially in Australia)
Still - i'd like angora wabbits too (when can you shear them?)

~Tonia~ said...

I have 2 angoras. They are adorable. They are named Bunny and Clyde. An apartment isn't a bad size for an angora. Teach it to use a litter box. Our female automatically uses it when she is in the house.