Saturday, December 22, 2007

But you know, it's all just a bit of fun

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I have a confession to make to you.

I've been putting off telling you about it long enough. The thing is, I don't actually feel bad about what I did. I should feel bad, but I don't, and that makes me feel guilty. Human emotions are so complex, don't you think?

Back in September, I started my yarn fast, creating a set of guidelines that I thought would help me save some money and help shrink down to a manageable size, that ever growing creature we call a stash. So far, it's gone quite well - I have successfully rationalized every purchase of fibre and yarn I've made over the last four months on the basis of my rather complex, albeit, arbitrary set or rules.

No longer can I do so. I have bought yarn. I have bought a considerable amount of yarn. Not for knitting a gift, someone else didn't buy it for me, I didn't buy it at a fibre fest... I bought it for me. I have finally blown my yarn fast.

But you know, it's all just a bit of fun. I challenge myself to see how long I can stick to a resolution. In this case, about four months (maybe a bit less).

The theory is that this pile of Briggs & Little heritage yarn

will turn into this sweater.

Okay, yes the drawing needs a little bit of work, but here is the chart I'm planing to work from.

It's all in the developmental stage at the moment, so it might be difficult to see what it is (hopefully) going to be like. The charts are slightly modified versions of some of the earliest known knitting shown in Rutt's History of Hand Knitting. I don't know if this sweater will work out or not, but it will be fun to try.

As far as the no-yarn-for-me adventure is concerned, I am still fasting. If you look at exception 3 on my slightly arbitrary list of exceptions, you can see that I have three chances to buy yarn and not feel too bad about it. Now I have only two left (plus my birthday allowance - but that's reserved for FunKnits (she is getting some very specially sock yarn in early next year, and I want it!)). I'm only human and one can't expect me to resit every yarn I see. It is yarn after all.

Just so you understand how much temptation I have endured, I want to share with you some links to some of the lovely yarns I've not bought - although I really, really want to.

You see what I'm up against here.

Just a parting thought. If you ever have an online yarn shop, or any other sort of online shop, and you want to make me happy enough to buy from you, please, please, please, PLEASE, put both the currency you list in and where you are shipping from somewhere obvious (in little print at the bottom of the page is best).


Maggie said...

Hi! I know you from Ravelry. Thanks for listing my shop. I list my currency on the main page, and I'll happily add my location too! (I'm in Ontario, Canada).

TinkingBell said...

Happy Christmas and a wonderful, safe and happy New Year!!! Thanks for helping make this year such fun! (love the jumper designs - mmmm)

~Tonia~ said...

Well you know where I am. ;)

Love the color of the new yarn. It is going to make a lovely sweater. You can still call it a gift - a gift for yourself. ;)