Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Yarn Shop

I am now very, very happy!

The Boutique De Laine is now officially my LYS. I went there this morning to tell them about the book and the bad, bad thing that someone did to it and they were so nice to me. I am well pleased with the people who work there. I was thrilled that they had another book in stock, so we just did an exchange. It is such a lovely book, and I would be sad not to own it after so much trouble and despair.

I also picked up some new needles, not 12" circulars as I had hoped, but rather, a set of five bamboo double points, which should do the trick nicely.

I have lots of baking to do today, bread, mince meat tarts (my great, great grandmother's recipe), steamed pudding, and maybe some cookies. Not to mention I have to catch up on all the knitting time I missed out on this weekend.

But I'll leave you with this one thought:

People who hurt knitting books deserve to have red hot, jumbo sized, knitting needles suck in each and every orifice. But that's just my opinion. If I ever caught someone doing something like that to a knitting book, I would bring down upon them wrath the like that which only the divine could equal. It just makes me so very, very angry. Do it to your own books, fine, but don't do it to a book in a shop. Be nice to the poor shop owners, they deserve your kindness.


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~Tonia~ said...

I am glad that you had a good experience with the LYS. It is always nice to find one that is so helpful. It is just wrong that someone did that to the book.

Robin said...

I'm fond of B de L as well - they have such friendly staff, which goes a long way in my eyes!

Beth said...

I also love that store! The staff are very friendly and helpful. It's a little small in there to browse, but not bad. The service makes up for its size I think. :-)