Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yesterday was a day for baking. I got most of my holiday baking stuff done. I made sourdough bread (from my very own rye starter that I raised myself), some mince meat tarts (real mince meat from my great grandmother's recipe), some cookies, and some steamed pudding (for me). It took all day to do and it didn't make as much as I had hoped. I was thinking of making ginger snaps, but the universe had other plans.

Today is a day for knitting. Now that I have the right needles (yes the magic loop is a good idea; however I wonder, doesn't it decrease the life you your needles and cause the cable between the two needles to break down sooner?) I can get a good chunk of knitting done today. It's raining out, so I will be happy to stay home with a nice pot of tea and some yarn.

I have realized that although I get some knitting done at the spinning group, I don't actually get as much done as I thought. I am too busy looking at all the beautiful things everyone else is making. One woman, who I don't actually have a pseudonym for yet, but let's call her Kitten because she has a kitten, carded together some wool of different natural colours. At one side of the batt the wool is a light, almost white colour and as you travel to the other side of the batt, the colour gradually gets darker until at the far end, it's a deep chocolate colour. It amazes me that sheep come in such a variety of different colours and to see them blended like that, it really makes you appreciate the beautiful colours that nature produces. I don't know how she did it exactly, but when it's all spun up, the singles gradually change from one colour to the next. Kitten spins so fine and so even, I want to capture her spinning skills and bake it in a special cake so I can eat it and be just as good at spinning as her. She also has a great eye for colour and does the most amazing things with kool-aid.

I'm like a cat that way, I was distracted by all the pretty string and by all the pretty Christmas decorations and all the yummy food and tea and all the funny stories of silly cats and other pets and how they shouldn't eat the shiny stuff that goes on the tree... Well, the conclusion is that I didn't knit quite so much as I had hoped, but I had a great time as always.

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~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful time.

I haven't ever heard of having a problem with the magic loop on the cord. I use Addi's normally, so others might have a problem. My circs are used mostly for the magic loop and they haven't shown any wear from it yet.