Sunday, December 02, 2007


There sure is a lot to blog about today.

First off, there seems to be an increase in traffic to my site lately. I want to welcome all the newcomers. Make yourself at home. Here, have a virtual coffee on me. Comfy? Good. Feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy the blog.

And as always, thank you everyone for your splendid comments, it's the best part of blogging.

Yesterday was a very, very busy day. Imagine my delight when I read the weather forecast and it not only promised snow, it warmed against it:

"Greater Victoria. Snowfall warning in effect. Today..Periods of snow. Amount 2 cm. Becoming windy. High plus 2. Tonight..Periods of snow. Amount 10 cm. Windy. Low zero. Sunday..Periods of snow changing to rain in the morning. Snowfall amount 2 to 4 cm. Windy. High plus 4."

I saved a copy for myself just in case things didn't turn out according to plan. But, it did snow.

I had to go out during the morning, and here is a photo of the Gorge area around 9:30am. See, lots of snow, not to mention lots of crazy drivers with no winter tires and no experience driving in the snow/slush. It was 'fun'.

That pansy bed is near my home and that photo was taken at the peak of snow. I know, I know, you can still see the green grass through the snow, but the amazing part is that you can see the snow! The ground is normally too warm for the snow to stick to it. Here's a photo of the same spot 45 minutes later.

Oh well, at least I got a photo of it.

Y came over for dinner last night. Here she is showing off the socks I made her for last Christmas.

She even did her customary Y dance for me.

You want to know what makes Victoria a very odd city? It is not just the mild weather or the people and their 'special' cigarettes. It is the little traditions that we have that separate us from mainland Canada. For example, High Tea and Afternoon Tea are a regular thing here, people play cricket more than they play hockey, and we have a ritual flower count (where everyone in the city goes around counting how many blossoms are out) in February. It's a very odd place to live, and don't get me wrong, these little quirks make it a delightful city to reside in. Let me tell you, one of the oddest things I have ever seen in my life is the Victoria Holiday Truck Parade.

Okay, get this, people dress up the trucks in Christmas decorations, then drive them in a long parade around the city after dark.

It's a really big event here. People have been known to wait outside in the cold and the rain for over an hour for the trucks to drive by. It takes a good 40 min or more for the trucks to drive past, and the best part of all this, it drives past my home. I have a great view of the trucks in all their splendor from my window.

They drive by fairly fast, so this year I went out onto the side of the road to get you some better, less blurry photos (I even bought a $6 peace of cloth to clean the rabbit slobber off my lens) despite the wind and a smattering of rain. The things I do for this blog, I don't know.

(some of them a bit blurry, I know, but they drove by really fast. Not as fast as last year, true, but far too fast for my camera)

Been spinning and knitting. Even some top-secret knitting that I can't share with you just yet. It does involve writing out yet another free knitting pattern. I might share this with you early because it's perfect for the holidays. But now, I'm off to make bread and study.


TinkingBell said...

Wow - real snow in Victoria - I love your city - in both winter and summer - and the trucks - odd - but somehow, xool! Enjoy the snow (tassie has snow like that - with a couple of exceptions - if it ever does snow - but we had rain last night - so it might be a green Christmas instead of a bushfire one!!

~Tonia~ said...

That truck parade looks like a lot of fun. I know that my son would love it. Christmas lights and trucks all togetherwoulf be heaven to him. LOL

Yay for getting snow. We are supposed to get some this week, but I will believe it when I see it.