Saturday, December 08, 2007


It's sunny and cold outside today. I think I might take some time off and go for a walk up to the mall and buy a hot watter bottle (a second one) so I can knit another hot watter bottle cozy for it. My feet were so cold last night, one hot watter bottle just doesn't do it. I know, I could have got up and closed the window, thus eliminating the source of the draft, but I was too comfy, albeit cold.

So what have I been up to this week? Mostly I've been stressing out over my exams. I'm talking major stressing out here. I'm talking about can't eat, barely sleeping, sitting at my desk almost 12 hours at a time stressing out while studying for my exams. Even when I do sleep, it's dreams about medieval knits (ops, I meant knights, talk about your Freudian slip) in shining armor mistaking me for a dragon and trying to poke me with their sword. I've finally figured out this is not the way to do well on my exams. I need to relax, step back and the come at it anew. So I've set myself a very small study task for this morning and once it's done I'll play with fibre and go for a long walk.

There has been some yarn playing amongst this madness. I'm knitting a second set of semi-secret holiday sock. This time for myself. I've also been spinning some yarn for some knee high socks.

It's three ply, but I think the finished yarn may be a bit thicker than I intended. No matter, it's merino silk and a pure dream to spin. One day I'll figure out how to make the yarn I want, but for now I just love spinning.

Speaking of making the yarn I want, I made yarn.

This time it is alpaca silk blend and I tell you if heaven made yarn, it would be like this. I had originally intended to make a nice even yarn, but the fibre had other plans. Even though it didn't end out as I hoped, I can't wait to knit with it. Now what can I make with 88 yards of semi-bulky yarn?

I am almost finished my holiday hemlock blanket. It desperately needs blocking! But first, I need to finish binding off.

I've been binding off for over a week now. You think binding off is easy right? So did I. This isn't your usual bind off. First you knit 4 sts with a YO, then you knit back increasing to 7 stitches, then you turn and bind off those seven stitches. So I worked it out and I came to the conclusion that for every 4 stitches you bind off you actually knit 19 sts. Needless to say, it's taking a while.

Good news, House Guest (HG) is coming to stay for Christmas. This is going to be great!


~Tonia~ said...

Your spinning looks great. I can't wait to see the Hemlock Ring Throw finished.

TinkingBell said...

How about a Muff - with the yarn? or a hat or a neckwarmer? The spinning is fabulous!
I used to throw up before every exam - until I worked out that you need sleep, nourishment and some relaxation to do well - relax, spin, knit, dream about knights knitting!