Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Hundred - Contest time

Contest Time

After witnessing and receiving many random acts of yarn related kindness over the last few months, I have decided to share in the giving. Sadly, despite the large state of my stash, I don't have enough yarn to give to each and every one of you, so I will host a contest instead.

This lovely little skein of 80% wool / 20% nylon blue and blue (with orange flecks) reclaimed yarn from my stash could be yours.

There are two ways to enter the contest.

The first way to enter the contest is to leave a comment on this post, answering this question: What is it about a blog that brings you back again? What do you look for in a blog? Do you come just for the yarn, or is it something else that attracts you to a blog? Okay, maybe I should have said "these questions", but I think you get the idea of what I want to know. I'm looking to discover, why do people read certain blogs more than others, and if you can tell me something along those lines, something that is true for you personally, then I would be most grateful.

The second way to enter the contest (and this is how you can get more than one entry): Tell the world about this contest on your blog. If a person comes and leaves a comment and if they (being the good and kind person that they are) tell me who sent them, the person who sent them, gets an extra entry (each time they are mentioned).

So there you have it folks. I'll figure out how to use a random number generator or get some paper and a hat to decide the winner. The contest will be up until midnight Boxing Day (Dec 26th) Pacific time.

Good luck.


Robin said...

Yah, contest! So nice of you to share your yarn stash. There are a few things that will keep me reading a blog. If I know the person or started reading their blog at the same time I started blogging. If they provide tutorials, great pics, finished objects, wonderful descriptions. If they live close by or far away (like Victoria or say, Finland ??). If they have an overall positive tone to their blog - no bitchiness please! Needless to say, I subscribe to a LOT of blogs - some I read regularly and some I save for a rainy day.

Happy Holidays!

~Tonia~ said...

Yay for a contest.

Hummm.... I of course like to drool over others yarns/fibers and what they have done with them. I also like to find people that are local to me. I have been able to meet a few people that way and it has been really fun. I do like to read any blog where the person is kind, yet honest. People that bash others all the time or are never positive get me down and I don't need that in my life.

Happy Holidays

teabird said...

Yay contest, indeed! Usually, I start to read a blog if I meet someone, or if I'm directed via someone's blog entry (go see what ___ did with this gorgeous yarn) - but sometimes I just get lucky and stumble onthe blog. I keep going back if I like (or if I'm interested in) the person's writing style, opinions, projects, reading, tutorials, pictures... it's really just as hard to say why I go back to a blog as to say why I go back to an in-person person. (Oooh, bad bad grammar, sorry) -

teabird / ravelry

Marigold said...

Most of the blogs I read are knitting, but that's because knitting is a big part of my life. Besides that, I read blogs that are fairly well-written, that share part of the writer's life with her readers. I've got to agree with everyone else, a positive attitude is important! we all understand that sometimes life gets you down, but...I'll read about it, but i'd rather the writer is _usually_ upbeat about things.

Anonymous said...

Who can resist a contest- especially if it is yarn related!
What keeps me coming back to a blog:
I admit I have been introduced to very few blogs, but I keep coming back to this one because I like keeping up with your adventures and keeping up with your life - and sometimes our shared yarn experiences show up for me to read about and see from another point of view.
Gotta go now-my cat has discovered my shirt and is working at eating the beads off of it.

TinkingBell said...

Come back - because through our blogs I like to think we share friendship and interests - besides - it's so wonderful to interact with someone slightly older than 5 who shares your interests!! Have a wonderful Christmas Raven and enjoy the New Year - It's been a pleasure to meet you and share your life!

TinkingBell said...

Come back - because through our blogs I like to think we share friendship and interests - besides - it's so wonderful to interact with someone slightly older than 5 who shares your interests!! Have a wonderful Christmas Raven and enjoy the New Year - It's been a pleasure to meet you and share your life!

Kassia said...

I'm definitely more interested in a blog if it has some knitting/yarn content. But mainly it has to be at least somewhat entertaining and humorous for me to want to keep reading. Also if the blogger posts in a reasonably frequent manner (if they only post once a month, I'm much less likely to keep checking back). I definitely like seeing knitting WIPs and other photos. :)

Merry Christmas!!

Holly said...

O.k., so I have to be quite honest and say I stumbled upon the contest. I was coming because I was linking to your blog because I was blogging about your most awesome hot water bottle pattern that I knit. A free pattern and a contest too. Well, I shall certainly be a reader now :-).

curlysalamander said...

I think what keeps me coming back to your blog is that I get a sense of a very authentic Raven's eye view of her world. Lots of pictures help that effect and a genuine sense that a quirky, self-defined, intelligent individual is at the wheel. Plus you update frequently.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raven:

Your blog is have such a positive outlook and a superb way of expressing yourself. I look forward to reading everything you put on the blog and seeing the progress made on all your marvellous projects. I love your artful writing and pictures and the way you keep it updated frequently. It is a window into a fascinating individuals life.
I've never read anybody's blog before. This is the first time and it is such an interesting way to get to know someone You get to know the inside of the person instead of the outside. And what's cool is you love fiber like I do.
Toad (ne kitten)

MsChris said...

Its all in the name... truthfully, I rarely read blogs. I saw TrampledbyGeese in Ravelry, and was piqued. (Geese invade my yard, poop all over my paradise, waddle infront of my car, truck, bicyce, and worst of all, when I'm finally seated for the evening with my knitting, my husband will let me know that the geese are all over the yard in a way that implicates I really should be outside chasing the silly geese away! Incidentally, I recently returned to knitting, and as I live far from family, figured I'd check out a few sites to see what others are doing. (I'm not actually sure how to set up a blog etc. yet)