Saturday, December 01, 2007

please don't feed the wabbits

Half an hour free time with my camera on campus. My brain was too full to study and besides, it was a lovely, warm and sunny day. I risked life and good health to bring you photos of the wabbits that run my university.

I warn you, there are lots of photos and a little bit of rudeness later on. I wasn't being rude, it was the rabbit.

Wabbits aren't very difficult to find around campus. There are many, many feral rabbits that roam free on campus.

See, rabbits aren't native to this island, rather a farmer kept some either for food or for fun, I'm not certain which, and they escaped.

Within three years they took over most of the town.

They enjoyed eating anything of value to their human counterparts. They ate flowers, vegetables, and even worse endangered native species. Those cute little bunnies can be a real menace when left unchecked.

The deer were quite upset by this, as they believed, rightly so I might add, that this was their traditional food source, especially the expensive flowers and shrubberies. So they invited the cougars in to town a few times a year to cull the rabbit population. It has worked quite well. Most of the rabbits are confined to small areas like my university campus. Where they not only live quite happily, they run the joint.

You doubt me. You think that the university is run by the professors and the student body and the chancellor and all those other humans. Well let me tell you, you are greatly mistaken.

Meet the rabbit I call the chancellor (and this is where the rudeness come in).

He seems quite innocent at first, but you will see. He has his has four secretaries that he keeps close at hand (other, smaller wabbits) which he bullies into submission.

While I was taking a photo of him he got rather excited. By excited I mean, Excited. He started humping my leg. It was a weird experience to be screwed by a rabbit, I tell you.

Now I have to say, the real university chancellor (the human one) is nicer by far. He's not going to give you rabies and the bubonic plague (both on the WHO's warning list for epidemics around here in the rodent (rabbits are rodents by the way) population). All the human chancellor does is hit students with his hat at their convocation.

(sorry, I don't have a photo of that - yet)

Now meet the wabbit I call the Alumni Association.
I bent down low to get a power shot of this apparently noble bunny.

And he obligingly came closer.

Then tried to eat my camera.

I have to go out to the shop today to get some lens cleaner. Big smudge.

The one thing you will notice is how green the grass is, in the 'great white north' at the end of November. The grass tends to be greener in the winter than in the summer - due to the lack of snow!

It wasn't all wabbits.

Some trees, and even a little bit of snow. Proof that we actually did have a snow storm - even if I didn't believe them until now.

There you have it. The wabbits that run my university carry plague and rabies. They break into the conservation garden to eat the endangered species and they cannot be culled, because every time the university tries to do it, students complain that they are too cute. Apparently no one watches Monty Python any more.

(again, sorry about the paragraph formatting, it's a blogger quirk)


TinkingBell said...

So cute!! (And so feral - Australia also has a feral rabbit population which we try to control with Myxomytosis and calice virous) My cat does his bit also - but you're right - there so cute - andthey run your university, hmm - they're either smarter or vastly more stupid than I gave them credit for!!!!! I got the MP reference - but wasn't that one white?!

~Tonia~ said...

Big sharp pointy teeth....

They are cute and quite "friendly". We don't seem to have that problem here. People like to hunt and eat them. I hear that they are quite tasty, but I just can't do it.

yoli said...

Those rabbits are adorable although I can imagine the President's greeting was a bit...awkward.

(Got here via your free patterns site, btw, and am madly in love with the elephant cozy. Just got to think of who would like it BEST for Xmas. ;D)

Hanane said...

Well, that is very interesting who knew there could be feral bunnies.
And if I were you I would sue the president for sexual harassment. LOL

Thanks for sharing I love it!~