Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Any thoughts on the Socks?

I finally figured out a way to take the stress off knitting birthday presents.

I don't know what it is, but there is something about knitting for other people that I find more stressful than knitting for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love knitting for other people, it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to make something special for someone I value. And yet, there is also something horribly stressful about it. With every stitch, I worry. Did I pick the right pattern? Does so-and-so like angora? Does my friend really need yet another scarf? Maybe I am the only one who is haunted by these questions.

The idea came to me from Y when she requested a specific knitted birthday gift. My friends by now must surely know by now that they are getting a knitted (or fibre related at least) gift for their birthdays. So I decided to try an experiment on my friend Jenshine. I told her that she is getting a knitted gift, but I am taking requests, what would she like?

She would like luxury socks for wearing around the house. That I can do. I don't know if I can/should do it with the yarn I have already (Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool), but it is exactly the right colours for her. I suppose I could always buy more yarn and use this yarn for myself. Best not to though. I was thinking I could do some colour work socks or perhaps colour work/cables. I don't know. It's okay that I don't know yet because I feel free somehow knowing that she wants socks, luxury socks, luxury socks for wearing around the house. Just like Y's birthday hat, I feel relieved of stress because I don't need to worry if my friend really needs yet another scarf.

Any thoughts on the socks?

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TinkingBell said...

Beautiful yarn means simple design (I think) contrast toes, heels, cuffs, plain between? Or maybe a tiny section of 2 colour fairisle just under the cuff - not too much, just a touch?