Friday, January 25, 2008

Apparently today is Don't Smoke Day (or something of that ilk)

Wow, the blog contest has generated some great responce so far. Not only am I learning a lot about soy and allergies, I am meeting new friends. At the end of it I get to give away some presents. I should do this more often. There is still time to enter the contest if you like.

I was feeling pretty rotten in class today so I went for a walk around campus to get some fresh air. I just about stumbled into the grim reaper. Literally. I stubbed my toe on the ground and almost tripped right into him.

Talk about a weird feeling when you aren't feeling quite up to snuff. Somehow I always pictured death to be thinner.

Apparently today is Don't Smoke Day (or something of that ilk). This was a rally to show the students the dangers of smoking. I learnt that some of the universities in Canada have several million dollars invested in tobacco companies. I think the rally was well done. At least it got people's attention.

At one point everyone was encouraged to lye down for 60 seconds to symbolize the number of people that smoking kills. Fortunately for me people with cameras were exempt (thank you blog).

One die hard smoker had to have a last puff before he lay down dead. Surely that tells us something significant about the world these days.

Personally, I never saw the appeal of smoking. I always figured it was too expensive a habit to start. I've never been cool and I didn't think that smoking would do anything to help in that regard. Besides, even at that young age I figured I could spend the money on more important things like craft supplies or better still, chocolate. I know some people like smoking, that's okay too. I just wish that they wouldn't smoke near doorways. Maybe we could make little smoking shelters with heated seats or something, away from the main buildings, where people could go to smoke, then the rest of us wouldn't have to walk though the cloud every time we wanted to enter or exit a building. Just a thought.

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Holly said...

In California, you're not allowed to smoke on any school campuses, incuded colleges, so I was quite surprised by this post. I always forget, even when I travel in the U.S., about the different laws.