Sunday, January 13, 2008


My grandmother knit. Her mother knit like the wind blows, or so I'm told. I'm told a lot about Strawberry Grandma (my great grandmother) and from what I've heard, I'm a lot like her. Strawberry was a fantastic knitter and loved to bake. I never met Strawberry Grandma (so named because she was very pale), but I think we would have been fast friends.

I'm the young one in the family, pretty much a generation or two younger than my siblings and my cousins. My grandparents were already 'getting old' as it were, when I got to know them. My grandmother was a seamstress in her day, but although she never admitted it to me, also a fantastic knitter. She is the one who, patiently, every year, taught me how to knit. Over and over again, each winter, I learnt how to knit from her. It never really sunk in until later on. But, I loved sitting there at her knee while she taught me how to make those two sticks do their magic. It was an excuse to spend time with her. In my heart I knew she had a lot of knowledge and a lot of wisdom and that one day it would be all lost if I didn't try to hold on to some of it for myself.

That was several years ago now. That is one of the reasons why I knit so much. When I knit I feel that I am closer to her, almost as if part of her is still alive somehow.

The other day, my grandfather found a sweater knit by my grandmother a long time ago. It's knit in the local First Nations' style. It is beautifully knit, the inside of the colour work absolutely perfect. No mistake, nor error can be seen in this sweater. But you can tell by the attention to detail, every stitch was knit with love.

We put my Hemlock Ring blanket beside it. It is strange to see my knitting sitting there besides hers. I feel honoured that she taught me this craft. I feel very grateful.


TinkingBell said...

What a fabulous jacket! How grand you remember your Gran like that! - You are so lucky! (and the blanket looks great beside it!)

lelly said...

great knitting skills. I used to knit in my youth, ahhh those were the days.... anyway, I used my big toe to control the wool thread. lol

Holly said...

That is an amazing sweater. What wonderful memories. I'm already imagining charted hats, mittens . . . the sweater needs companions, or course.

I got the yarn Fri. Thank you so much. I love the colors.