Wednesday, January 30, 2008

House MD Socks while watching House MD

My contest ends tomorrow at midnight (PST).

I finished my House MD socks last night while watching House MD.

I used some hand dyed yarn from See Jayne Knit. I love the colours of this yarn and I think she does a fantastic job dyeing them.

I took the picture with no flash so that the lace work would show up better. As (I hope) you can see, there is a little row of canes all around the top. House walks with a cane, so I thought, why not modify the candy cane sock pattern to make it longer and more walking cane like.

I did learn something though, mixing bright colour patterns and texture stitches like lace don't go so well. As you can see here in this photo, bright light hides the texture pattern.

Next time I do lace I'll stick to a more solid colour rather than self striping yarn.


Robyn said...

*Sigh* House is dreamy (oops did I let that slip out?)
On Thursday you blogged about reading with the windows open, I have a suggestion (because I like to read but sometimes in the winter I realize I should be out in the lovely Victoria sunny weather (which as you know doesn't happen that often)so I dig out my sleeping bag, toque, hot water bottle and finger-tip-less gloves (to help with page turning) (and sometimes when it's really cold: longjohns) (or wet: a tarp and or umbrella) and I go and sit on my patio in a lawn chair and read. Depending on the weather (i.e. if it actually is sunny or not) I can last between an hour and all day. I find it's better than having to wait for the whole apartment to warm up again.

TinkingBell said...

Pretty pretty socks - lovely! At the moment it so hot and fly-ey here that we don't go outside during the middle of the day and the nights have been to hot to sleep properly! -I'm dreaming of a cool change!

~Tonia~ said...

Love the new socks. The colors are great!

Holly said...

The socks look great! I feel the same way about patterns and variegated though. I try to stick to something fairly simple because the pattern gets lost in the colors.