Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I finished Y's Hat

Thank you for all your support with the yarn buying. I seem to have fallen off my yarn fast so often in the last little while, I am beginning to suspect I am some sort of yo yo. I am beginning to wonder if it is worth even getting back on again. I think it is. Yarn fasting does save money and it makes me be more creative by forcing me to knit from my stash. Still it is far more difficult than I had hoped.

I finished Y's hat with about four inches left of yarn. It looks fantastic. I am not going to bother keeping it a secret as Y already knows what she is getting for her birthday.

I dreamt last night. It was a weird dream. I was in a yarn shop, but I only had six dollars. There was someone, in my dream, trying to steel noro yarn by quietly frogging a sample sweater while it hung from the wall. There was a dog whose tail was/produced yarn so that everywhere it went it left a trail of yarn behind it. And there was these stitch keepers (click here for ravelry link). It was an odd dream and when I woke up, I couldn't remember if these stitch keepers were real or if I had made them up in my sleep. It must be a sign that I should make myself some.


Holly said...

Those stitch keepers are a good idea. Once, in a time of need, I made some out of my son's homemade playdough (it works, but leaves a slat residue on the needles). And, it's a good use to small amounts of yarn.

TinkingBell said...

Yes - I too dream about knitting - wish I could knit in my sleep -and I think I need to if not 'fast' at least exercise 'portion control' - yarn wise!