Saturday, January 26, 2008

If you ever wanted to make me very, very happy

The contest is still going strong. I know there are lots of more products out there with soy in them. Hint, check your bathroom and your general household cleaning supplies.

If you ever wanted to make me very, very happy then you could always buy me one of these for my birthday. Go on, have a look. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm completely in love with them. You see, I love baking (Did I ever tell you about that book Jenshine gave me for my birthday last year? Huge success! It's all about baking. In fact, I'm baking from it right now.) and I especially love baking my own bread. There is something about nurturing yeast so that it grows and makes beautiful yummy bread. I love doing that. I have a silly notion in my head that if only I could grind my own grain I would be fully recovered from my mystery illness. It came to me in a dream. I'm not one to argue with silly notions that come to me in dreams.

Okay, it's true, the grinders are probably too expensive. Actually, they are priceless, insofar as I can't find a price for them. But shipping something that heavy from Germany must be expensive so I can imagine the grinder itself coasts quite a bit. It is beautiful though.

If you really wanted to get me something for my birthday, you could always take me here. It's a very busy website, isn't it? But you get the basic idea. They mill grains and you can buy stuff from them. I would love to go there and tour their mill. Then I could buy a great selection of flour to take home and play/bake with. Have I told you yet that I like to bake? 'Cause I really, really do.

I also like to knit.

It's been so cold lately that I thought to myself, I need to buy another sweater. What was I thinking? What I really need to do is to finish knitting The Sweater.

I frogged the sleeve and re-knit it last night. Silly me, I had decided to save time by not doing the math I needed to know how often to increase the sleeves. It's true what they say, short cuts make for long delays. I got the number wrong (by a lot). Re-knitting is going better so far. I just need to learn to trust my math. The one sweater I designed and knit exactly how the math told me to turned out perfectly proportioned. I just need to trust my math this time and it should turn out good as well.


TinkingBell said...

You're sounding better (even over your blog) I'm so pleased (I love baking to - but I admit, I don't really yearn to grind!)

Nat said...

Alternate post title: "Your loss is my grain?" ;)

When is your birthday, anyway?