Monday, January 21, 2008

like an incredibly long episode of House Md.

Thank you for all your support. My journey towards good health has become quite an adventure; something like an incredibly long episode of House Md. without the witty remarks. I have been seeing a Naturopath, and she has been a great help so far. She is the one who made me realize (and yes, I actually can be so stupid as to not figure this out for myself) that some foods upset my digestion. And, what's more, I should avoid eating those foods. My Naturopath is way smarter than I am.

As for cleaning my room, that was quite the task, although I thought it would take longer than it did. First we had to take everything out (I sure have a lot of stuff) and stack it in piles around the house.

Then the furniture had to go.

There were several large colonies of dust behind my furniture. We sent the dust to a better place (the garbage) then put back the bare necessities into my room (computer, bed, mp3 player-in order of importance).

I think it has done a lot of good. Dust and other evil environmental stuff may not be the cause of my troubles, but they certainly made it worse. I had the best sleep last night. I think the last time I had such a restful night was in January 2005.

Hopefully, that's enough about blogging about my health for a while. This blog is suppose to be about happier things. Things like Y's birthday party!

Y received her hat and I think she liked it. She danced around the house with it on.

I finally had the opportunity to meet C&A's daughter, H. This has to be one of the most beautiful and intelligent babies I have ever seen. I'm not much one for children, they tend to be noisy and sticky, but this darling girl was neither of those. She took quite an interest in my knitting and tried to tie my yarn in knots to help me out, so I let her play with the finished sock and she loved it - especially playing with the ends that have yet to be woven in. I think she has the knitting seed in her. It's always nice to see a child take to yarn like that.

That's H playing with my sock. I think I will have to learn how to make baby booties with the left over yarn as she seems to like the colour so much.


Holly said...

My son is definitely loud and sticky, but he does know how to knit. Perhaps it balances some?

Glad to here you slept better.

TinkingBell said...

Mine vary being loud and sticky with being cute and concentrating! I'll terach Sian to knit soon - I have needles with animals on them!

bubbley girl said...

H is so cute and the hat you gave to Y is great. She must love it and wear to school and work. XOXO