Friday, January 18, 2008

Math whiz wanted for immediate calculation.

Well, I decided not to frog the arm warmers just yet. I really like them, so if I can keep them some how, I think I will. I will make the pillow and if I have enough yarn as it is, then I will also make the arm warmers. If I don't have enough yarn, then a-frogging I will go.

I cast on a little swatch for the pillow end.

I cast on fifty stitches and decreased every round. It appears to work, only it's too small. So my question for you, if fifty stitches gives me a circumference of 10 inches (just over 25cm), then how many stitches do I need for a circumference of 15" (about 38cm)? If this was a square it would be easy, but circles are tricky things. Any math whizzes out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Raven:
If you need the circle to be 15 inches around the edge then I believe you need to cast on 75 stitches.

Call or email me if you need more details.


TinkingBell said...

I think that EZ does the maths with the Pi Shawl - The circumference doubles with each extra mumblemumble in the radius (or maybe if the radius doubles the circumference quadruples?) I think maybe you asked the wrong girl her (but it does look very nice!)