Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My loss is your gain!

Thanks to the brainstorming of some wonderful people (who all magically came up with the idea within a day or so of each other - very cool!), I've been looking into soy allergy as a possible cause of my illness. The symptoms seem a perfect fit. So far I have almost every one of them except anaphylaxis, and I'm starting to feel my throat close up and breathing go thin when I'm exposed to certain things so that may not be far behind. I find out in two weeks or so if that is the cause. I hope so. It would mean an entire lifestyle change, but at this point I'll do almost anything to feel better and at least it would be something that I could do something about.

My loss is your gain. Even if soy isn't the cause of my problems, it is aggravating it. My lovely lushes soy fiber will be up for grabs in an upcoming blog contest. There isn't much of it, but what there is, is divine. Stay tuned, blog contest coming soon.


wendy said...

Oh yuk, a soy allergy would be a challenge to manage. There is soy lecithin in so many things these days.

(we avoid dairy, meat and eggs by choice, and nuts for allergy reasons in our house, so I feel the "read every label" pain!)

TinkingBell said...

You poor thing - but certainly an improvement to finally KNOW what is making you ill!
You need alfit (go buy some yarn!)