Tuesday, January 08, 2008

There is a random ball of yarn

While drinking my coffee this morning, I looked around the room for something to blog about. I noticed something interesting. I have a lot of yarn related projects on the go at the moment. Even with the lovely new storage boxes, there is a lot of yarn in my room.

For example: These socks have been on the go for months now. Toe up, afterthought/Turkish heel, made with silk and baby alpaca, these are a little bit of luxury for my feet to wear on those days when I need something to remind me that the world isn't actually all that horrible after all. I'm almost finished. Just have to do the cuff on the second sock, then the last heel and we will be golden.

There is a random ball of yarn, probably related to the sweater I'm designing.

Y's socks which still need to be mended.

Some more yarn, lovely soft sock yarn from See Jayne Knit's etsy shop.

The current hand bag knitting, also of the same lovely hand dyed yarn.

The sock I should be spending all my time on. This is from the Guild one sock exchange and I'm thinking of putting everything else on hold so I can start knitting this sock.

My sweater. I've finished the body and it has turned out to be the correct size! Can you believe it? Now I just have to get the sleeves to work.

Some more sweater yarn.

Some handspun that hasn't made it into the stash box yet.

And not to forget the bag full of my cute little crochet sheep's body parts still waiting to be sewn up.

Then again, one also shouldn't forget Y's birthday hat is currently on the spinning wheel. Sorry, no new photos of that at the moment. I need to get my ass in gear if I am going to get that finished in time.

I think that this just might be a lot of projects, even for me. I think I need more focus to help me get some of these finished.

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TinkingBell said...

Love that you can have all that where you can see it (My children would have it snarled before you could say 'bad kittens'! And then my cat would play! - It's all gorgeous!!