Thursday, January 03, 2008

weather pixie, rip

I think my weather pixie died. See that little blank box with a little red 'x' in it at the upper right hand corner of my blog? That use to be my weather pixie. I loved that little pixie. I would tell me not only how hot or cold it was outside and other pertinent weather related info, but also give recommendations on what I should wear that day. I suppose I'll have to go find something to replace it. Any thoughts?

Y came over yesterday to continue our sewing adventure.

She is sewing aprons out of some fabric I bought her a couple of Christmases ago. She is getting really good at it and my apron is almost finished. The fabric has sushi patterns on it, and once the aprons are finished, we will have a make-your-own-sushi party.

I knew that Y's birthday was at the beginning of the year somewhere, but I had it stuck in my head that it was early February, not as I discovered yesterday in 15 days. ops! With all the mad dash for holiday knitting, I completely forgot that birthday knitting would be needed so soon. So I told her I would knit her socks, but they would be a few days late - university consumes knitting time. Y said, that she didn't want any more socks this year, but if I didn't mind, could I make her a hat just like my hat?

Even given that I need to spin some more yarn (I hope I have some fibre left - if not, it's hand carding romney for me) to make this hat, I think it will be easier to make than socks. So I'm happy and Y gets the hat that she has been pestering me for for ages. Sorry there is no surprise, but maybe I can get her something special to go with it.

It will be nice to get back to spinning again. My wheel has been neglected almost the entire month of December due to holiday knitting.

note: the photo is of my hat, my current favorite hat, so Y doen't get this one. She will get one of her very own.


~Tonia~ said...

Yeah I don't know what happend to weather pixie. Mine is gone too.

Yay for more Y time. I bet she is happy to bet getting a hat like yours.

Marilyn said...

Keep up the good work. Have a great 2008! Cheers:-)