Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where I learn that one can never have too many knitting needles

75 stitches works perfectly. Thank you A-Rose.

I thought maybe 75 stitches would be right, but I wasn't certain. Circles have a history of being tricky. They have pie and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things in them that never really made sense to me. They aren't like triangles - those I get, but it might be just because I'm a philosopher. You know those philosophers and triangles. Honestly, if you haven't heard it yet, you really should be told: Philosophers are obsessed with TRIANGLES! It's all Pythagoras's' fault, but even still, it stuck. Those three sided plane figures just keep on popping up again and again and again.... But I digress and you (most likely) came here for knitting.

Right, knitting! I adore this gorgeous yarn more and more each day. I chose a simple stitch pattern for the body so to better show off the lushes colours hidden in the yarn. I think this pillow is going to be exactly what I want in a pillow, what's more, I think I might just have enough yarn left over for those arm warmers, maybe. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Now, I thought I had a lot of knitting needles. Well, just look at them all there.

There's double points, circulars, regular knitting pins and ofcourse a small, yet growing selection of crochet hooks. I thought I had more needles than I would ever need. I know they don't take up much space, but I was beginning to think I had almost too many knitting needles. That's why I hesitated to accept the gift of yet another tube of knitting needles (even if it did come in a cool cloth bag).

You see the guild has a table where you put things you don't need any more so that other people can take them home. It's like a give and take table. It's funny how it works: one person doesn't need something any more and that something is exactly what another person needs at that time in their life. It's like magic.

I brought them home and I tell you, there are lots of needles in this tube.

This is a very good thing, as you see, I needed some new needles to be able to keep on with my pillow, but I didn't have the right size. I was sad. I didn't want to have to stop knitting, at least not until I finished my coffee. So, I looked in my new tube of needles and presto! There were exactly the needles I needed, exactly the right number of the right size of the needles I needed. Like I said, it is just like magic.

I was also given a lovely book on the Tudor period. Sorry, no photos available at the moment, as soon as the book came through the door my father saw it and said he wanted to read it. So he has got it for now.

The people at the guild are so generous. I hope one day I can be just like them and repay all their generosity.

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TinkingBell said...

No - it is impossible to have too many knitting needles (although since I got my knitpicks options and the Harmonies.. - not, it's impossible to have too many needles!)