Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why not check it out

Contest is on until the end of the month. That's midnight PST on January 31st. If you haven't entered yet, why not check it out?

Was feeling under the weather yesterday, so all I knit was a little bit of sleeve for The Sweater. This sweater has a lot of stocking stitch which makes it the perfect knit for sick days. Once I get the sleeves finished, then things start to get fun. The pattern has changed considerably since it's inception, but I think you will like it.

As for Japanese knitting, well, thanks to the genius of Rhonda I think I have the yarn I need to make that vest already in my stash. I'm still not one hundred percent certain that I'm going to knit it, but it would be fun. Anyway, check out this post to see just how ingenious she is. If you are Ravelry, check out this thread about the pattern.

And, before I forget, one more important bit of news: House MD is back on TV tonight (at least in North America). There are only three episodes left, one tonight, one Sunday and one next Tuesday. Something to do with the Hollywood strike means that we don't get a full season this year. Too bad, but perhaps that means that the DVD box set won't be as expensive as usual. If I'm well enough I'm spinning tonight, but I have a DVD recorder which will watch the show for me and tell me all about it when I get home.


Sarah's Blog said...

It's Sarah from across the hall... :)

Feel like knitting my dog a sweater out of vegan yarn?? :)


Sarah's Blog said...

p.s. I'll pay you for your time!! :)

TinkingBell said...

Feel better soon!!
Take care of yourself (stocking stitch is the aspirin of yarniness, isn't it!)