Saturday, February 09, 2008

Button and Needlework Boutique

My current aim, other than eating well, is to get out for a small walk every day (weather permitting of course). As soon as I heard (on Ravelry) that one of my favorite shops now carries yarn, I was out the door before you could say, "what about eating lunch?"

The Button and Needlework Boutique is lovely. It has a very relaxed atmosphere with lots of buttons and embellishments (not to mention an entire world's worth of embroidery thread) and now yarn. You aren't going to find any dish cloth cotton here, at least not any you would want to use to wash dishes. This shop specializes more on luxury items for knitters. Lantern moon rosewood needles, Namaste needle cases, and luxury yarns are common items here.

Several of the yarns have a sample skein with needles and a swatch on the go with a little sign to saying "try me". So I did, but mostly for the excuse to try the sensual texture of the long wooden needles.

Then I turned around and I saw more yarn.

There isn't as much yarn as they could fit in the space. I think it works though, as they specialize in the yarns you wouldn't normally see anywhere else in town. They've opted for an open feeling in the shop rather than stuffing every nook and cranny with fibre (which can also be delightful).

I bought some corn yarn. Yes, that's right, yarn made from 100% corn. It's surprisingly soft and cool to the touch. It's smooth, but not as silky as cotton. The texture is actually really difficult to describe...let's hope it knits up well.


Michael said...

I am so there!

Joanna said...

That shop sounds really cool! I like the "try me" idea.

TinkingBell said...

Oh so pretty - if I get to Victoria you must take me!

wendy said...

*sigh* I love this shop.

And your photos and blog post fill me with a need to go back there! TODAY!