Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dog Lovers' Question

I have a question for the dog lovers out there. If you had to make a sweater for a small (Male) dog, or if you have ever made a doggy sweater before, what shape would/did you make it? What do dogs need in a doggy sweater? Is getting the pouch in and out of the sweater an issue? What do you do to keep the sweater on the little guy, or do they like wearing it so much that it's difficult to get it off?

Basically, I know nothing about little dogs. Well, actually, I know they are cute, and soft, and um, cute. So basically I know next to nothing about little dogs. Enlighten me.


glenda said...

I don't dress my dog but getting it on might be a problem. Long knit legs on a sweater would be tricky. And just for fun I'd match the breed to the style of knitting. Like cables for a Irish Setter.

Anonymous said...

I had a little bichon who was always cold in the winter. She loved her sweaters once you got them on her, but she HATED the process of actually getting them on. Lol.

So perhaps a sweater with no leg holes, but a sweater like one of those turtle neck warmer things you wear in the winter? You know, that's got the turtle neck and then the dorky little flap for the front and back? Extend the back flap to cover the length of the pooch and shorten the front flap to just cover the chest. Then knit a little belt with a snap closure on the chest, away from the critical bits.

I knit a couple of this for her and they turned out really cute. That was the style of sweater that worked best for my girl. :)

Jennifer/legerdemain on ravelry

Miss Scarlett said...

Kira has 4 sweaters.

The easiest ones to put on are more like capes - with velcro closures. They velcro at the neck, the chest and then just where the tummy dips towards the hind legs.

She doesn't like getting sweaters on but she gets cold and they make a big difference.

Sweaters with sleeves are good if the sleeves are short --- sleeves only for the front legs!

Miss Scarlett said...

Forgot to say you'll have to show us what you come up with!